Is Your Bathroom Obsolete? 10 Upgrades to Make Now

X Bathroom Upgrades
Over time, you may gradually come to feel like your bathroom is obsolete or out of date. Fortunately, there are many improvements you can make to your bathroom to bring it into the modern era with greater functionality, more connected tech, and increased comfort.

A Major Renovation?

If your bathroom is so out of date you can barely stand it anymore, the best course of action could be a major renovation. You can rip up the old pile, get rid of that frustrating toilet, gut the shower, and rebuild everything from scratch. But there’s a problem: a full bathroom remodel can cost $6,618 to $16,664. Most of us don't have this extra money lying around, and even if we did, we could probably find a better use for it than a superficial upgrade to the bathroom.

If your bathroom is technically functional, and you're only interested in making aesthetic upgrades, there's no need to go through the trouble of a total remodel. There are many upgrades and updates you can make now, for a reasonable amount of money, that will help you feel much better about your home bathroom.

Upgrades You Can Make Now

These are some of the best upgrades to make if you're ready to update your bathroom:

1. Paint. 

Never underestimate the power that a fresh coat of paint can bring to a room. If you're tired of the stale coloration or the dirty-looking walls of your bathroom, simply wipe them down and add a fresh coat of paint. Choose a bright, modern, neutral color for best results – or go for a more dynamic color if you're feeling eccentric. If painting doesn't sound like the right move, you can also update the walls by adding decorative wallpaper.

2. Install a bidet. 

A new bidet could be exactly what you need to have a much more comfortable, pleasant bathroom experience. Instead of wiping yourself with toilet paper, you can use a jet of warm water to clean yourself up. In addition to saving money on toilet paper, you'll typically end up with a cleaner underside – and you can prevent certain health afflictions like hemorrhoids in the process. If you've never used one of these devices before, it can take some getting used to, but once you're accustomed to the experience, you'll never want to go back.

3. Upgrade the vanity. 

Replacing the vanity may seem like a major house renovation, but it's a pretty simple job that most amateurs can handle independently. Purchasing a new vanity won't set you back much, but it can instantly change the aesthetic vibe of the room. Shop around to find a vanity that really speaks to you and serves as an excellent focal point for your other design elements.

4. Change the lighting. 

Does the bathroom feel dark, cold, or unwelcoming? You might be surprised at how much of an impact a change in lighting can bring. If you haven't already, upgrade the incandescent bulbs to LEDs – and consider refining the placement of these lights to provide more sufficient illumination. You may also use accent lighting and secondary forms of lighting to create a more unique feel; for example, a touch of warm orange or yellow light can make your bathroom feel more distinctive.

5. Add a backsplash. 

Even if you don't have much DIY experience, you should be able to add a backsplash to your wall. It's an inexpensive new touch to an old setting that can make cleaning easier for you in the future.

6. Invest in better towels and mats. 

Some of the most commonly used items in your bathroom are going to be towels and mats. You’ll handle these things in your most intimate moments, relying on them to dry you off and help you feel clean. They can even help you feel warmer in cold weather. It's well worth the cost of an upgrade if you can afford luxury versions of these items.

7. Place new décor (or decide on a new theme). 

Are you looking for an even simpler upgrade? Consider placing new décor around the room, or planning a new theme for the room. Tastefully placed plants, artwork, and small sculptures can give your room a personality of its own.

8. Purchase a better showerhead. 

Your showerhead is responsible for controlling the flow of water as you clean yourself in the shower each day. If you don't have the budget to fully replace your shower, you should at least have enough money to replace your showerhead. A new, more functional showerhead can increase the amount of water pressure you feel and help you feel cleaner and more in control of your shower.

9. Add accents. 

Small accents of differentiated color and texture can really make the bathroom pop. Place these in unexpected areas for an even more unique look.

10. Expand your storage. 

Also consider expanding your storage. Cabinets, shelves, and folding storage racks can give you more space for all the things you need.

Upgrading your bathroom doesn't have to be expensive, nor does it have to be a massive pain. If you have a few hundred dollars and a genuine desire to bring new life to one of the most frequently used rooms of your house, you can make a meaningful and impressive change.