Why a Luxury Shower is Good for Your Emotional Health

Are you cramming yourself into a small bathtub with a shower head in a bad position just to get ready every morning? If your shower setup is frustrating, have you ever thought about upgrading? It might improve your emotional well being.

1. Your shower can set your mood for the day

Starting your day with a hot shower sets the tone for how the rest of your day will go. When you enjoy your morning shower, you’ll carry that mood into the rest of your day.

It’s not hard to upgrade your shower, and you don’t have to spend a ton of money to get it done. Just do one thing at a time.

First, get your ideal shower head(s) installed, like a rainfall shower head and some side jets. Then start remodeling your shower enclosure. Start by picking out an enclosure style that suits your preferences and matches your hardware.

Enclosures can be fitted to just about any setup. You don’t need to remove your bathtub unless you want to swap it for a freestanding tub.

Once you have a new shower setup, work on your bathroom decor. Paint the walls, get a new medicine cabinet, and add a towel warmer if you have room. Create a space where you’ll feel great going through your morning routine.

2. Hot water is therapeutic

Hot water is incredibly beneficial and therapeutic to the human body. Heat alone is therapeutic, but hot water is even better.

If the aesthetics of your shower make you feel good, you won’t be in a rush to get out. You’ll spend a little more time standing under the hot water, letting it soak into your skin, and you’ll be in a good mood.

Exposing your body to hot water can do wonders to relieve stress, anxiety, and even pain. Soaking in hot water is calming to the nervous system and reduces pain, inflammation, and swelling. However, you can get most of those benefits by standing under a hot shower.

Ever notice how good you feel after a hot shower? That’s the therapeutic power of heat. If you’ve decided to keep your bathtub, once you take a shower to clean yourself, fill up the tub with some warm water, no hotter than 100 degrees. Add some Epsom salt, dead sea salt, and maybe even some lavender.

Soak in the tub for at least an hour. When you’re ready to get out, drain the tub and start the shower again. When you rinse off, you’ll notice plenty of dead skin coming off of your legs, feet, and probably your shoulders. Use a wash cloth to get the dead skin off and you’ll feel shiny and new.

3. Aesthetically-appealing experiences create pleasure

Aesthetically pleasing experiences generate pleasure. This is why people can stare at a painting and feel moved to tears. When you enter a beautiful environment, you know right away because you feel good. Taking a walk in nature, for example, is an easy way to feel good. Most people find beauty in nature, and walking is the best way to absorb that beauty.

When you take your showers in a beautiful environment, you’re going to feel better automatically. Especially if you’ve created your dream shower. For example, some people build outdoor showers in their backyard or somewhere on their property. Having an outdoor shower is a phenomenal way to create pleasure in your life.

Human beings gravitate toward nature because it creates good feelings right off the bat. The moment you step outside your mood will improve, even if only slightly. Combining a fully-functioning shower with the outdoors is the best of both worlds.

You spend plenty of time in your bathroom – make your shower beautiful

According to statistics, the average person spends a total of six months in the shower over their lifetime, and that only accounts for eight-minute showers. If you take ten or twenty-minute showers, you can expect to spend a year of your life scrubbing up and drying off.

If you’re going to spend that much time in one area, you may as well make it an enjoyable experience. Don’t ignore your desires. Go ahead and spend your money on a bathroom remodel to get that luxury shower setup you’ve been dreaming about.