4 Essentials For Better Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing
A powerful social media presence can turbocharge your company’s sales and brand awareness. How do you make your social media channels pop and stand out from others?

The social media marketing essentials here will get you started

Social Media Marketing Overview

Social media marketing uses the most popular social media channels to enhance your business’s branding and marketing objectives.

Don’t fall for the myth, though, that social media marketing begins and ends with just throwing a random ‘buy our stuff’ post up once a week. If you want those paid advertising campaigns to work their best, working your social media profiles well is critical.

Effective social media marketing requires a serious, long-term strategy that includes:

  • Upkeep and optimization of all major social media profiles for the organization.

  • Posting videos, stories, and images that tell your company's story and connect with your audience’s wants and needs.

  • Engaging with your audience, including responding to comments, reviews, and even complaints. 

 1. Watch For Algorithm Changes

If you notice a decline in engagement on social media, it might signal that Google made a change to their algorithm that has affected your visibility.

Google’s algorithm can feel like a bit of a mystery; the rumor is that no employee even knows. Most of us only can analyze our web traffic and social media platforms over a few weeks and look for patterns.

For any questions about possible algorithm changes, it’s smart to chat with your SEO provider. Pick their brains and see if they know anything.

2. Use Twitter To Try New Content

Many companies use Twitter to promote their new content. Nothing wrong with that! But far fewer leverage Twitter to find trending topics before creating content. 

Twitter can be used as a powerful content laboratory where you can check the popularity of a new piece of content. Or, you can check interest in new subject areas for your products before you do a major ad buy.,

For example, maybe your team has considered producing an info-graphic about how to start a small business. You might do a quick graphic of what you’re considering and post it on Twitter.

If you get a lot of views and shares, this might be a sign you should move forward with the detailed info-graphic. Then, post it on social media and run ads.

3. Leverage The Best Content Creation Tools

There’s a cliche bouncing around that Instagram is the most visual of all social media channels. But every social media platform delivers far more engagement with visuals, such as crisp product photos and engaging 4k videos.

Pair every engaging social media post with gorgeous visuals – photos, colorful illustrations, and more.

Superb content creation platforms, such as WordPress and Canva, have almost endless features and templates. Your team can use them to create sparkling visuals that make your audience click and buy.

4. Market Based On Major Life Events

We know that targeting the right audience on social media will lead to more sales and engagement. But marketing your niche at the right time will accelerate your marketing results.

Let’s say your company sells personalized graduation gifts – plaques, picture frames, backpacks, and so on. 

There should be an uptick in traffic in the spring as high school and college graduations approach. Advertise on Facebook during these times of major changes and celebrations. On Facebook, you can use the Life Events parameter to gauge when to run your graduation-related ads.

On Facebook, you can dictate how soon before and after graduations in May and June your ads will run. Perhaps set your graduation gift ads to run in early May and conclude at the end of June.

These social media marketing tips should help you increase your ad revenues and user engagement. Just give it a few months, because social media followings don’t grow overnight.