20 Sites to Watch TV Shows Online Free Streaming

No matter how busy we are, we all love watching TV shows. Our entertainment industry is aware of the fact that people are very busy with their life and they can’t watch their favorite TV shows on TV at a fixed time. The happy news is that you don’t need any cable to watch TV shows and all their full-length episodes in your free time. Now you can watch TV shows online for free full episodes, in other words, you can watch free shows online now. This article is going to tell you about Free TV streaming sites. 

Over the years the number of people streaming TV shows online has grown rapidly. There are various factors that are responsible for the rapid growth of the number of people who watch TV shows online and we all love to watch TV shows online for full free episodes. People are now very comfortable to stream TV shows online. According to a Netflix survey, 61% of users regularly watch between 2-6 episodes of a show in one sitting.

We don’t need to rush home for our favorites show because now TV shows are available online at any given time and it is one of the most important points why people prefer watching these shows online than on TV. Also, you have no worries about missing any episode too. So, you can watch whatever you want and whenever you want. I mean who doesn’t love Free TV Shows Online Streaming full episodes. The second thing every one of us needs some privacy. Many times, it becomes embarrassing for us to watch TV with our elders because of the content that’s being televised. 
TV Shows Online Free Streaming
By streaming TV Shows Online Free you can get the privacy you need. This is another important driving force for people to prefer streaming to watch on TV. Streaming Online shows allow you to discover many new things. It’s like a huge library where you can select the TV shows of your favorites genre and that’s also without any interference of advertisements. It’s cheaper and the quality of content is just too good. If you are thinking where to watch these TV shows then this article will answer you and many sites let you watch these shows absolutely free while few of them required to sign up.

With internet speeds going up and data packs easily available, streaming platforms are becoming the go-to place to get the latest movies and dramas. Apart from movies and TV shows many sites also stream Sports. So, for all the cricket lovers in India, it’s like a cherry on the cake.

These sites also stream their original series and trust me those series will never disappoint you.  They are just too good to ignore and some of them have immense popularity like Sacred Games, The Family Man, Kota Factory, etc. Also, it let you watch TV series, dramas, web series, documentaries, etc from different regions and allow you to discover new things. Now you can watch TV shows online for free. I’m a big drama fan and also watch dramas from many countries like China, Pakistan, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, etc. thanks to these streaming sites that let me watch these dramas and that’s also for free.

Whenever I’m stressed out or feel exhausted, I just take my mobile or laptop and start watching my favorite drama. So, from the next time if you are bored and want to watch TV shows then you can visit one of the sites I’m going to mention below and watch series online for free.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is one of the best platforms (TV Show Streaming Sites) to watch TV series and more online. With its huge collections of TV series and the quality of the content, it gained popularity in no time. All I want to say is once you will sign up here there’s no way to go back, this site is just wonderful and has everything that you are looking for.

This site is akin to Netflix. Additionally, it allows you to listen to songs and read books. It also offers Movies, web series, documentaries, and Amazon originals. Some of its shows gained immense popularity like Homecoming, Bosch, The Man in the High Castle, etc.

Apart from the above features, Amazon prime offered free and fast shipping of the products bought by the prime members, now this is something very amazing right and if you are a game freak then this site also lets you play it too. If you have any doubt then no worries… Amazon prime offers 30 days free trial yay! This is the best deal you can get and to grab this amazing opportunity click on https://www.primevideo.com/  Go and watch series online now.

Why use Amazon Prime? 🎥

  • Amazing Content.
  • HD quality Videos.
  • No ads and pop-ups.
  • It provides many additional benefits (listening to songs, reading books, playing games and more).


Hotstar is the Indian over the top streaming service owned by Novi Digital Entertainment which allows you to watch TV shows online for free streaming. I use Hotstar to watch cricket and documentaries. My sister uses Hotstar to watch the TV shows of her favorite channels like Star Plus, Like OK, and Star Bharat and My mother use it to watch movies. Many people use it to watch HBO shows that are available at a very affordable price. Hotstar is for both the viewers who like free streaming as well as who want to go premium. It is my favorite and best Free TV Streaming Sites out there.

It streams videos of over 17 languages in High definition quality. It also lets you download the videos (from low to high quality) so you can watch those videos later on. Many of the TV shows here is free and it has a collection of old shows too. Apart from TV shows Hotstar streams movies (old and new), documentaries, national geographic shows, sports etc. Hotstar prime members can enjoy watching all these prime shows and movies without any interference with ads and pop-ups. Now watch TV shows online for free full episodes. To watch visit here: https://www.hotstar.com/

Why use Hotstar? 🎦

  • It streams videos in HD quality
  • It streams Hindi as well as Regional TV shows
  • It is Cost-Effective
  • It has a huge database
  • Considered as one of the best free TV shows streaming sites.


LookMovie is one of the best platforms to Watch Free TV Shows Online, Yes, this site lets you watch Watch TV Shows Online for Free. For me, this website is the best alternative to Netflix. In another word, it’s like using a free version of Netflix. It lets you watch TV shows online for free. From my personal experience, this site will never disappoint you. It doesn’t require any signup and lets you stream videos online for free. It offers a broad variety of TV shows as well as Movies. With its simple interface, you can play the video in a single hit. It’s different than other free sites because of its beautiful layout. Just visit this site and watch TV shows online for free full episodes.

It offers TV shows in HD quality without any interference. It also provides you with little information about the video. LookMovie offers varieties of shows of your favourite genre. In no time this site is going to become your friend. Here it’s your chance to make yourself happy, visit LookMovie and save it on your PC https://lookmovie.ag/

Why use LookMovie? 📺

  • The best alternative of Netflix
  • Sophisticated Interface
  • Additional Information
  • Good Quality videos and varieties of TV shows
  • Apart from TV shows, it offers varieties of Movies, web series, documentaries etc
  • No requirement of signing up.


The next website on my list is Tubi. Using this site, you can stream thousands of TV shows and movies online for free. It provides Free Online TV Shows. This site stream TV shows online for free with fewer ads than regular TV. Tubi lets you watch thousands of TV series with no sign up or subscription required. Apart from TV shows it also streams award-winning movies. This site lets you watch what you want to watch and whenever you want to watch. Just watch TV shows online for free here.

Also, it keeps updating their data every weak so you can catch the latest shows here. It streams shows and movies that are highly rated in IMDB. Unlike many other sites, this site also lets you watch animated movies too. Nowadays many people prefer watching anime (kids or elders) and it has a collection of popular animated movies. You can enjoy the entertainment here in your favorite genres like comedy, horror, reality TV and more. It also allows saving videos to watch later and add to the queue option. To enjoy your favorite shows visit here: https://tubitv.com/home

Why you should use Tubi? 📽

  • No subscription required
  • Stream latest and old shows and award-winning movies
  • Offers anime
  • Provides Free TV show Streaming
  • Let you save videos for later
  • Allows adding to the queue.
Yahoo View

Yahoo View

Yahoo View is a video-on-demand service operated by Yahoo in partnership with Hulu. When Hulu stopped its free streaming service, it left thousands of people disappointed. After that Hulu partnered with Yahoo and launched the new streaming web site called Yahoo view. This site has a simple yet beautiful layout and lets you watch your favorite TV shows for free. Yahoo view is one of the best site to watch free TV shows online for free.  Not only TV shows but it also stream movies (Bollywood and Hollywood) as well as some amazing documentaries.

It has a vast library of TV shows and allows you to watch all kinds of dramas from different genre like Comedy, Thriller, Romance, Rom-com, etc in High Definition Quality. Additionally, this site also streams cartoons (like Ben10, The Powerpuff girl, the fly etc) and some popular and trendy anime shows (like Naruto). So if you are a parent then this site will benefit you in both the way watch your dramas and movies and let your child enjoy too. Visit here and watch series online anytime, anywhere.

I would say watch these anime shows with your children as this will make your bond stronger with them and also these anime shows are too good to ignore. What are you waiting for? Go and visit the site and watch whatever you want right now. Visit https://view.yahoo.com/ to stream your favourite TV shows online for free full episodes.

Why use Yahoo view? 📀

  • All types of TV shows are available here
  • Also streams Movies, Documentaries, Cartoon, and Anime shows
  • Let you watch TV shows online for free full episodes.
  • HD quality
  • Simple Layout.


If you are looking for a trendy website that offer free TV shows online free then this site is for you. Apart from Free TV shows it also stream documentaries and movies in High Definition quality. It lets you watch TV shows online for free full episodes in good quality without any signup. It streams online videos as well as lets you download them too. It is an indexing site and safe to use.

It has a huge library of shows as well as documentaries. As a free streaming site, it shows lots of ads but to get rid of ads by adding ad-blocker. This site has a clean and simple interface which makes it even more demanding.  Don’t waste your precious time and go stream your favourite show right now only on Shush.se.

To Watch TV Shows Free Online visit: http://www.shush.se/ and watch TV shows online for free.

Why use Shush.se? 💿

  • The trendy site, so you must give it a try.
  • Let you watch TV shows online for free.
  • Free TV show streaming.
  • Offers show in good quality.
  • Offers good content.
  • Huge database.


With many good existing websites that provides free streaming of TV shows online. WatchSeries is the new site that has made it into my list. Yes, WatchSeries is the new platform for TV shows lover which lets you enjoy amazing drama without any requirement of signing up and let you stream free TV online.

It is safe and secured to stream videos here. All you need to do is to click on the TV series thumbnail and then select the episode you want to watch. Yes, watch TV shows online for free here. All the videos here are available in good quality. Apart from TV shows, it also streams movies in HD quality. Since it’s a new site, it has limited data but they are working on it and making it better and let you Watch Series Online Free Full Episodes. To try, you have to visit https://watchseries.fyi/

Why use WatchSeries.Rocks? 📀

  • Good content
  • Let you watch free TV shows online
  • Good Quality videos
  • Easy to use
  • Gaining popularity in no time
  • Apart from TV shows it also lets you watch movies
  • No requirement of a subscription.


Another free TV Streaming site that will offer you immense pleasure and lets you watch all kinds of dramas from romance to horror is Popcornflix. With its large library, this site is for all generation and lets you watch free TV shows online. It literally has all types of TV shows from the 90s to now. This site is legal and is safer and secured to use.

It attracts the user by its simple and clean interface. All the sections are very well categorized here which makes it user-friendly. Popcornflix supports all the devices (android and iOS). Go get your popcorn and visit website https://www.popcornflix.com/pages/tv-shows/d/tv-shows to watch your favourite TV show online for free full episodes in very good quality with fewer or sometimes no ads and unwanted pop-ups. It also lets you watch amazing movies (of the different genres), documentaries and web series.

Why use Popcornflix? 📷

  • Fewer ads and pop-ups
  • You can watch TV shows online for free
  • Free of cost (no registration required)
  • Safe and Secured
  • A good collection of TV shows movies etc.
  • Support all devices.


By reading its name you must be thinking that BMovies only streams Movies. No, this site does much more than just movies streaming. This site is for you to watch TV Shows Online for Free Full Episodes. BMovies offers varieties of TV shows (old and new) in High Definition Quality. If you are not able to find your favourite TV show on the above-mentioned site, then you can find it here. It lets you watch TV shows online for free. All you need is a device and a stable internet to watch the TV show online for free.

This site offers vast varieties of TV shows and that of your taste. No matter what type of dramas you like, BMovies provides everything. Registration here is optional. It lets you register if you want to and if you don’t want to give your information then you don’t need to worry. All you need to do is to open the site and start watching the TV show you want to watch. It also provides all the required information (IMDB rating, story tag line, country, genre, etc.) about TV shows that you want to watch while you take your cursor on TV show thumbnail.

Also, this site offers full-length episodes in Good quality without any interference of ads and pop-ups. To watch visit https://bmovies.nl/

Why use BMovies? 🎥

  • Vast Collection of TV shows as well as Movies (Bollywood and Hollywood)
  • Use it to Watch TV Online Free full episodes
  • HD Quality Videos
  • Offers additional Information about TV shows
  • NO ads and pop-ups
  • Watch Free TV series online.


So, another site I’m going to mention here which lets you Watch TV Series Online Free is Crackle. A little introduction of Crackle is that it is an ad-supported video streaming service that makes movies, TV shows and more. It is owned by Sony. Thus, it is safe and reliable to use. This site is absolutely free and lets you watch your favourite TV shows online for free full episodes without any signup. You can enjoy the dramas of your favourite genre like romance, thriller, adventure, comedy, etc here without spending a penny. It provides full-length TV shows as well as Movies.

The content available here is very well organized. It has a very user-friendly interface that makes searching and other things easy and lets you explore more. It supports both iOS as well as Android.

Crackle has unlimited videos that make it even more special and they keep adding new videos that are on demand. To watch series online for free visit https://www.sonycrackle.com/

Why use Crackle? 📽

  • Stream unlimited TV shows as well as movies for free
  • Let you Watch TV Shows Online for Free Full Episodes
  • Support all the devices
  • Free Mobile App available
  • It is safe and reliable.


This site required to sign up. So why you should use this site to watch TV shows here? This site stream trendy and popular Shows and movies in a High Definition quality. It allows you to watch Free TV Shows Online There are many Videos that you won’t be able to find anywhere but here. It is very popular among youngsters and people love watching their favorite TV shows online here. It is absolutely free and lets you watch TV shows online for free. All you need to do is to login here to stream videos.

Apart from TV shows MovieWatcher also streams Movies, documentaries, etc. Additionally, it also provides information like genre, IMDB rating and many more. If you want to visit this site then no worry it’s just one click away, click the mentioned link and treat yourself with your favorite drama now http://moviewatcher.site/ and watch series online for free.

Why use MovieWatcher.io? 🎬

  • You can watch TV shows online for free full episodes
  • Stream trendy and popular Shows
  • Good Quality Videos.


The next site in my list that lets you watch TV Shows Online for Free full Episodes is YesMovies. This site has a huge collection of TV shows and allows its users to watch it as much as they want from old to latest. Here you can stream TV shows online for free full episodes from all types of the genre like Romance, Drama, Thriller, Adventure, etc. 

YesMovies let you stream free TV shows online for free without any requirement of signing in. Also, this site is safe and secured. Here you can watch a TV show your taste with fewer ads and pops up. It has such a user-friendly interface and is very simple to search and stream videos. All you need to do a select a series category and search for the TV series you want to watch TV shows online free. The qualities of the videos are pretty good here. This site will not disappoint you and let you discover new things. To Watch TV Shows Free Online visit: https://yesmovies.to/ and watch TV shows online for free.  

Why use YesMovies.to? 📀

• No requirement of subscription 
• HD quality videos 
• Varieties of TV shows 
• User-friendly interface.


I saw my friend watching one of the dramas on this site. The quality of the video was so good and it quickly caught my attention. Since then I use this site to watch TV shows online for free full episodes without signing up here. The episodes here are available in good quality. It also provides additional information about the TV series like its genre, IMDB rating, storyline, cast, etc. CMoviesHD lists every TV series with 5+ streaming server links. Apart from TV shows, it let you watch movies from different regions.

This site is pretty good to use and definitely satisfy you by providing the content of your taste and choice. CMoviesHD contains links to leading movies and TV shows. All I have to say is this site is worthy of your precious time. To watch please visit: https://www1.cmovieshd.bz/

Why use CMoviesHD? 📺

• 5+ streaming server
• You can watch series online
• Provide regional content
• Offers free streaming of TV shows as well as Movies
• Fewer or no Ads
• Good quality Video.


Vumoo is one of my favorite sites to watch free TV shows online. To watch TV shows online free you can trust this site. All the content here is hosted by third party web servers. It provides three to four servers (depending on videos). It has a simple yet very elegant interface which makes it user-friendly. It has an outstanding search and filter system.

You can find the TV show you want to find based on your favorite genre like romantic, adventure, thriller, comedy, etc. It has a huge database that lets you watch whatever you want. Apart from TV shows, Vumoo will also let you watch Movies, Documentaries and more. The most important thing is that this site is completely free and you don’t require to sign up. To watch your favorite dramas you can now visit the Website: http://vumoo.to/

Why use Vumoo? 🎞

• Easy and user-friendly interface 
• Easy search options
• No requirement of signing up
• Offers Varieties of TV shows

Internet Archive
Internet Archive 

The very next site that can be used to watch TV shows online free is the Internet Archive. This site will let you stream any type of video. when I’m saying any type of video, I literally mean it. You can stream TV shows, documentaries, movies, event footage, any viral video, Government videos, etc. You can watch all the good dramas here and that for free.

It has a huge library from where you will find everything you want too. Also, it is a trustworthy site so you can watch series online here without any worries. Its appearance might not attract you but it has all the important filters like year, language, etc. I want you guys to give this site a chance and watch your favorite TV series online free in a simple and easy way. To watch you can visit https://archive.org/details/television

Why use the Internet archive? 📽

• Watch TV shows online free
• Easy to use
• Trustworthy websites
• Huge database


Another site where you can watch series online is Retrovision. Because of its features, you can say it is one of the best sites to watch Tv shows online for full episodes. You can visit the website or download the app to stream your favorite TV shows. The content hosted by this site is under the public domain therefore it is completely legal and safe to use this site. Apart from streaming episodes these sites also allow you to download them too. It offers videos in good quality too. All the Tv shows you are wishing to watch are there on a single page. It is very easy to use this site which is one of the reasons why people prefer it over other websites. Additionally, you can also use this site for your kids too because it also streams various popular and trendy cartoons. So what are you waiting for click on http://retrovision.tv/classic-tv/ and enjoy.

Why use Retroversion? ✨

  • Good Quality Videos 
  • Easy to use 
  • Totally free 
  • Also streams movies and cartoons 
  • Legal and safe to use 
  • You can visit website or download app (If you are an Android user)

Earlier, how scary it was to miss that crucial and important episode of drama but now you don’t need to worry anymore. Above mentioned sites will let you Watch TV Shows Online for Free. All I want to say that you don’t need to run home for your favorite TV show now to watch them on your cable TV at a fixed time. Watch your favorite drama whenever you want and wherever you want by visiting the above-mentioned sites. These sites allow you to stream your favorite TV shows online for free. Many of them offer High Definition quality videos. While some of them require to sign up, other sites will allow you to watch all the videos without any subscription.

Before articulating this article, I’ve researched all the sites mentioned above and also, I’m using some of them. You can visit these sites from any device with stable internet. Apart from TV shows these sites also allow you to stream movies, documentaries, web series, cartoons, anime shows, etc of different genres. You will also get to know additional information about the TV show or movie you want to watch like genre, IMDB rating, cast, a summary of the story, Released date, number of episodes, etc. I want you to visit these sites to watch your favorite shows online for free and don’t forget to give your feedback. This site is definitely an answer to many where and how to Watch TV Shows Online for Free Full Episodes. Watch it, download it, do it in your way in your favorite place and time.

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