How To Become A Genius?

What do you mean by a genius? A person having extraordinary power, skill or art. Now how a genius can be made. Are genius born or they are made? Is it acquired by birth or it can be gained by practice. No body has perfect answer for this.

-Ayush Mittal

What do you mean by a genius? A person having extraordinary power, skill or art. Now how a genius can be made. Are genius born or they are made? Is it acquired by birth or it can be gained by practice. No body has perfect answer for this. One of the most puzzling capabilities of the brain is embodied in the genius: an individual with sometimes outstanding talents in one or more areas of achievement, very often without any formal education in their chosen field.

These individuals usually display remarkable talent from an early age, sometimes combined with a dedication which enables them to master a certain artistic or scientific activity. But while an ordinary brain, given the same dedication, can become competent or even proficient in any given field, the genius brings new energy and ideas to a problem, often seeming to find the answer without going through the analytical steps leading up to it.

Very often, the genius is so advanced that the society of their day reject their ideas; their status of genius is usually confirmed by future generations. Other geniuses happily find focus and application within their own time. But the brain of the genius is unusually delicate, more sensitive to lifestyle and habits, and more acutely aware of inequalities of the environment. In the case of genius, and even exceptional talent, when the lifestyle of the individual does not meet the brain's requirement for a soberer and balanced way of life, the results are often catastrophic for the individual.

So based on this discussion, geniuses are basically defined as 3 types.
1. Born genius
2. Accidental genius
3. Genius made by the practice.

Now many people are having their own theories to define a genius. Some say geniuses are born, for instance, can you imagine a two-year-old can teach him how to play, “May had a little lamb”. No, you can not but there is a child named Marc yu who at an age of 2 years just went to the piano and played this tune. Marc yu had an ability to identify musical notes as easily as identifying colours. Her mother says that she exposed her child to the music at a very early age. Now at present, he is of 10-years old and learning piano and trying to make his future vibrant in music. This theory supports those who say geniuses are born. 
Now let’s look at first female chess grandmaster Susan Polger. She born like an ordinary child but she was a given unique educational experience that dominated her mind towards chess. She had a normal brain as every child had. Surprisingly she had no history of a brilliant chess player in her family too. But Susan father identified her potential and put her to rigorous training. At her childhood. She studied more than 1,00,000 chess pattern. Now present she is a chess grandmaster.

This story supports that say genius are made but contradicts who say genius are born. 

Similarly George Widener can write dates for any day of any month for up to 500 years. After scanning his brain it was structurally normal but even after scanning his brain nothing new was found he used his brain as everybody does but he was having an extraordinary power. Too often, the genius is left to drift in a commercial world for which they have no instinct, and find themselves prostituted for commercial gain by others, often at the cost of their own happiness and peace of mind.

Lets talk about IQ. The IQ of a person is related to the capability of doing work in the management and technical field. But some part of the community supports it and others does not support it.Intelligence tests and similar tests are widely used in schools, business, government, the military, and medicine. In many cases, intelligence tests are used to avoid the biases more arbitrary methods of selection introduce. For example, it was once common for colleges to admit students whose parents had attended the college or who came from socially prominent families. By using tests, colleges could select students based on their ability instead of their social position.

But again our aim is genius which has nothing to do with the I Q. For instance if we see the childhood days of Albert Einstein, he was very much poor in studies. but after some years community released its authenticity of the research he did. Before that, he was opposed by everyone. He was stupid or foolish for everyone. It is a controversial issue for most of the people.

According to me, everybody has the capability of becoming a genius. For instance, take a basketball player who may or may not be good at studies or must not have a good IQ. But he is good at playing, he aims toward the ring and ball goes inside the ring. Now observe this phenomenon in terms of physics. From a particular place, we want to project the object (basketball) to the target (ring), if the calculation of our angle of projection and velocity are given to ball is correct then only the object (basketball) will achieve the target i.e. it will go inside the ring.

Now this calculation of the angle of projection and velocity to the ball is done somewhere in the mind or inside the brain of the player. And these calculations are always right that is why the player is able to achieve its target and while playing the game all these calculations are very accurate and done in the fraction of seconds.

Brilliant Brain
As in the earlier example of the basketball player case, you would have understood the working principle of a brain, surprisingly these calculations are made by every common man in his brain to live a common life. The working of a brain is very complex and difficult to understand, many types of research are held but no satisfactory results are not obtained yet to believe them. According to me, there is no relation between I Q and genius Because these are two different aspects. There is no strong proof which shows a person having a good I Q is a genius and vice versa. Because working of a brain depends on various factors. So just giving a small I Q test we could not raise questions against the power of the brain because the brain has its own way to work.

There are certain studies which prove this The human beings are the only organisms which can stand easily on their feet rather all other organisms are not able to do this work. It means that we human beings have understood to balance themselves on the two legs, if we make a tall structure then engineers have to take the care of the centre of mass of the building. They design the building in such a way that the centre of the mass is exactly at its right position and the building doesn’t fall, it stands straight.

It means that all physical forces have been balanced and these structures are in their equilibrium position that is why they are all stable. Now only a human being can understand all the physical forces acting on that building. Human beings are having the capability to understand and balance them that is why today every building is standing straight. That is why even when we stand we balance all physical forces around us.
The main concept behind giving all these examples is to make understand a common man that you are genius if you are walking on your two legs. For instance, all human beings are mammals. Similarly, elephants are also mammals basically all the mammals have the same type of internal organ structure biologically. 

Then also they are not able to stand on two legs. Because they are not advanced like human beings. Why they are not so? Because their brain is not developed so far as human beings brain is developed. They have not understood neither the physical forces nor they have learned to balance it.

If you still have not understood the concept then you can understand in this way today humans are trying to develop robots which can work think like humans but still, humans are not able to make such humans robots these are restricted to the fictions only. But still, we are trying to develop artificial intelligence. Which is just like humans. This is not the work of a single entity it is the power of many brains combined together. 

Badshah Akbar or Emperor Augustus would note have even listened to the words like a robot but still, they were all quite advance according to their times they wouldn’t have listened to the words like a jet fighter or tank. If we bring them in today world they will surely say that they have come to heaven. If we pick up the human history, in the span of time 7000 to 8000 years which is very less in comparison of the age of the universe which is million of years old, we have developed very fast. 

Only due to the brilliant brains we able to do this. Thousand years ago on earth, all the species were present but only the species called humans were able to develop because we were brilliant due to our brain. We are the only originators of the computer species.

If we are able to understand our brain then everyone would be genius. Every human has the same capacity of the brain it just depends on the brain usage technique as guns are used to maintain the law and order in sensitive areas but they are also used by a gangster to murder the peoples. Every knife is not used to cut vegetables they can also use to kill someone. So it depends on the brain in which society it lives that how it is moulded by its relatives. However, some brains are exceptional which are having some neurological problem. Leaving the exceptional case all humans have the same capacity brain it just depends on the way of usage. 

Each human is Einstein and Newton, the difference is that they learned to use the brain to its full capacity that is why the Einstein was having the ability of thought experiment.They were nothing different persons they just had a passion for physics so he put ordinary efforts a number of times to get an extraordinary result. He used to solve a problem a number of times unless he would not get the required result. All you need to have a passion for a particular field and consistency and believe you can live a champion moment, like champions live. So each normal human being is a genius just depends on you that how you use it, as every coin has two face.

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