6 Signs You Need a New Laptop

People who prefer laptops over desktop PCs cite benefits like portability and smaller size.

According to Grand View Research, the global laptop segment was worth $194.25 billion in 2022 and could grow at a 6.9% compound annual growth rate from 2023 to 2024. It adds that the expected growth is due to rising disposable income, increasing internet connectivity, and more.
Replace Your Old Laptop
While your laptop might function at peak efficiency, they have a shorter lifespan than desktop computers. In fact, by the time the average laptop reaches the five-year mark, it might be time to start looking for a replacement.

Here are six signs your current laptop is no longer up to snuff and that you need a new one.

1. You Can’t Get It to Turn On

If you can't turn your laptop on, you know there are problems. When troubleshooting, look at the obvious things first. Check to see if the battery is drained, ensure the adapter is plugged into the electrical outlet, and search online to learn how to boot up a dead laptop.

Sometimes the fix is as easy as replacing the battery. But consider that some laptop batteries are easier to replace than others. And if your laptop is on its last legs, buying a new battery could be akin to throwing good money after bad. It might not be worth going that route.

You might want to explore getting a new machine if you can’t fix the problem or if the fix is a bandaid solution. The good news is you can find a new machine within your price range -- especially if you scour the internet to check out laptops for sale.

2. You Realize the Screen Has Seen Better Days

It's not uncommon for laptop screens to deteriorate over time. Screen damage can also occur if the machine is dropped or manhandled. Signs that your laptop’s screen might be at the end of the line include cracks and flickering. It can be annoying if the display is less-than-optimal.

It's often not worth fixing or replacing a laptop screen. Again, it can be like throwing good money after bad -- since you'll merely be delaying the inevitable demise of an old laptop.

3. Your Keyboard Doesn’t Work or Is Missing Keys

It’s difficult to use a laptop if there are keyboard issues. Is your keyboard malfunctioning? Are there keys missing? If there are any keyboard issues, it’s time to consider getting a new laptop. A keyboard with issues will drain your efficiency and productivity. It’ll also make your life miserable since doing even the simplest tasks on your machine will be difficult.

4. Your Ports Are Inoperable

When you plug things into the ports, you expect them to work. But if the ports don’t recognize a plugged-in mouse, printer, or USB stick, that’s an issue. You’ll need a new laptop.

5. Your Laptop’s OS Is No Longer Supported

Another sign it's time to look for another laptop is if your machine is so old that the manufacturer no longer supports it. You don't want to continue using a machine with an outdated and unsupported operating system. Doing so will present cybersecurity risks that can wreak havoc on your life. So, if your operating system is unsupported, do yourself a favor and get a new laptop.

6. You Can’t Use it On the Go

If your machine’s battery is so weak that you can only use it while plugged into the electrical outlet, you have decisions to make. A weak battery means you’ll be tethered to the electrical outlet and can’t be as mobile as you want. Again, you can invest in a new battery. But consider the age of your laptop before doing so. It might not be worth buying a new battery for an old laptop.

If experiencing one or more of these scenarios, a new laptop is a good idea. That’s especially true if you rely on your machine for work or school. Do your homework to find the right machine.