5 Benefits of Influencer Marketing for Your Small Business

Did you know the influencer marketing industry is worth $21.1 billion? That's actually up 29% year-over-year from $16.4 billion.

Many influencers use social media platforms to communicate with their followers, and the best ones have hundreds of thousands or even millions of followers. Even influencers with thousands or tens of thousands of followers can help you tap into consumers who fit your target market.
Influencer Marketing
The question is whether influencer marketing is the right strategy for your small business. Continue reading for five reasons to consider teaming up with an influencer.

1. Boost Brand Awareness

When you partner with the right influencer, brand awareness will increase among their followers. And if you select an influencer whose follower base matches your target market, you’ll immediately see the benefits. The influencer will share the benefits of your offering to followers through articles, pictures, and comments, generating buzz for your product or service.

Depending on how great a fit the influencer is with your company and how creative the content is, you could see videos featuring your product could go viral on social media. That will increase exposure and create even more brand awareness. At the very least, the influencer’s followers may share or re-post content focusing on your product or service, attracting more eyeballs.

2. Enter New Markets

Does your company’s growth plans include entering new markets? One way to achieve this goal is by hiring popular influencers in the countries you’re focusing on. Your influencers can leverage their following by championing your brand in languages their followers understand.

It can be a cost-effective way to break into new markets and ramp up revenues. When looking for influencers to help you enter new markets, ensure the ones you select are a good fit for the region and the target demographic you’re after.

3. Grow Social Media Following

Another benefit you’ll get when you find the right influencer for your company and brand is a larger social media following. You’ll find that many of your influencer’s followers will start to follow you to stay updated on any company news that may interest them.

A tried, tested, and proven strategy to attract even more followers is to run promotional campaigns. You can have your influencer drive their followers to your landing page to determine how they can increase their odds of winning any prizes or discounts.

4. Build Trust and Confidence

Your influencer’s followers have confidence in the influencer -- or else they wouldn’t be following them on social media. When an influencer represents your brand, followers will gain confidence in your unique value proposition since they trust the influencer who is representing it. Consumers won’t patronize companies they don’t trust, so building trust is essential.

5. Receive Product Feedback

Influencer marketing is an excellent idea if you want to get honest and constructive feedback on products and services. You can bet that influencers know their audience inside and out. So, if you want to target your influencer’s audience, the best person to ask is the influencer in question. You can get feedback on the following:

  • The pros and cons of your offering
  • What your target demographic is looking for
  • Things you can do to better position your product or service

You might be surprised at what you learn if you simply pick the brain of an in-the-know influencer. It could be the difference between a smash hit and a so-so offering.

These are five benefits you’ll get by working with an influencer whose audience represents the consumers you’re targeting. But one way you can get more bang from your digital marketing budget is by hiring a digital marketing agency specializing in influencer marketing for small businesses. The digital marketing agency will pair you up with influencers who are a great fit for your company, brand, and offering to maximize exposure and results.