Paylocity Integration: Everything You Must Know for Your Business

To keep pace in today’s competitive business world, organizations must optimize their HR workflows with the precision of a finely-crafted timepiece. Paylocity integration is your seamless synchronized solution.

Consider Paylocity as a reliable high-end watch that delivers timely and accurate information at a glance. Paylocity allows businesses to simplify payroll operations, automate processes, track expense management, and stay tax compliant.
Paylocity Integration
Paylocity is a tremendous payroll app on its own. And, in most HR ecosystems, Paylocity needs to share data with other HR apps. For example, Paylocity may rely on new hire data from an ATS (applicant tracking system), Core HR system, or Benefits app. This need for data sharing is highly likely. According to Josh Bersin, for Human Resource Executive: “On average, large HR departments now have 11 systems of record.”

So, how do you get the data from other apps in your HR workflow to Paylocity? You have two ways to navigate:

1) You can manually re-enter employee data between HR apps. This takes extra time and is prone to manual double-data entry errors—more like manually launching a hang glider off a cliff instead of flying a jet.

2) Or you can add a simple API-to-API data connector that shares data automatically between apps in near-real time. Adding data connectors is like flying on a clear, cloudless day with unlimited visibility and zero turbulence.

Increasingly, HR professionals are turning to data integration. Streamlining workflows with simple automation makes sense. The average HR department saves 15-20 hours a month just by adding the simplest data connector, a new hires from ATS to Paylocity connector for payroll. That’s quite a boost!

Manually entering data in HR workflows with multiple apps eats up time and often results in costly human error. Data integration connects Paylocity to other HR apps, ensuring data integrity and security. Like a well-oiled machine, data connectors work tirelessly behind the scenes, automating key HR processes, and eliminating the tedious manual work of double-data entry.

The five most popular Paylocity data integrations

According to the HR data integration experts at Flexspring, the five most popular Paylocity data integrations are:

Paylocity with an ATS

1. New Hires from an ATS to Paylocity 
2. New Hires and Employee Updates from an ATS to Paylocity

Paylocity with an ERP System

3. Paylocity Payroll to ERP Journal Entries 
4. New Hires and Employee Updates from Paylocity to an ERP 
5. Expense Reimbursement from an ERP to Paylocity

How do these integrations work? Imagine data integration as a bustling airport, where various flights of information seamlessly converge and depart, ensuring a smooth flow of data across the digital landscape.

With the new hires from an ATS to Paylocity integration, when a hiring manager presses the new hire button in your ATS, new hire data automatically syncs in Paylocity in near real-time with the essential information needed to process payroll. When combined with employee updates, as soon as current employee data changes in your ATS, employee data also automatically refreshes in Paylocity in near real-time.

With the Paylocity payroll to an ERP journal entries integration, weekly or bi-weekly payroll data extracts from Paylocity and automatically imports into your ERP. This integration is a tremendous time-saver, summarizing multiple lines of Paylocity payroll data—for example, earnings, deductions, and taxes, etc.—to create one journal entry per payroll run per subsidiary. Summary amounts can be grouped by department or location. This integration also checks the balances of debits and credits and notifies if there are any errors.

HR and Finance teams typically save 30-40 hours a month with a payroll to ERP journal entry connector. Who doesn’t want to save 30-40 hours a month?

The expense reimbursement from an ERP to Paylocity integration takes all approved expense reimbursements from your ERP that are beyond regular compensations—for example, travel deductions, mileage, or cell phone— and imports the expense data into Paylocity’s pay data batch module.

More details about these time-saving Paylocity integration use cases are available at Flexspring.

Key Benefits of Paylocity Data Integration

HR data integration’s many benefits include:

1. Time savings: The beauty of data integration lies in its ability to unlock efficiency and productivity, allowing HR teams to optimize their time. Ultimately, it’s all about maximizing the value of time and resources, and data integration is the smart choice that empowers HR professionals to work smarter, not harder.

2. Improved data accuracy: HR data integration is the key to avoiding those pesky error-prone manual data entry tasks. By automating the data integration process, you can bid farewell to the headaches of data inconsistencies and inaccuracies.

3. Better reporting and analytics: By seamlessly merging data from various sources, data integration empowers HR professionals to spot trends, make data-driven decisions, and fine-tune their HR processes for maximum efficiency. It's the secret sauce that transforms raw data into actionable intelligence, helping HR teams thrive in a rapidly evolving landscape.

4. Increased security: With data integration, sensitive information remains in the hands of only those who truly need access. Data integration perfectly balances convenience and privacy, simplifying your operations while protecting your HR data fortress.

5. Improved employee morale:
In the HR world, it’s all about striking the perfect balance between productivity and professional fulfillment, where HR professionals can unleash their true potential and contribute to the company’s success story.

Data integration saves time and makes work easier. According to one software company’s HRIS manager: “HR departments should embrace the time-savings of data integration. Solving the double-data entry problem saves our HR resources hours monthly, freeing our teams to work on things of greater strategic benefit to our company.”

In a nutshell, Paylocity data integration helps organizations improve decision-making, optimize their HR processes, and enrich the employee experience.


In the business world, time is money—streamlining HR workflows is the first step to efficiency and success. Paylocity data integration propels HR professionals forward by freeing up valuable time to focus on strategic initiatives that drive a company’s growth and expansion.

With each stride of your business journey, Paylocity data integration is a smart choice, empowering your team to seek new vistas and to reach new frontiers of success.