4 Tools That Can Automate Your Business Operations

There's hardly anything a business owner wants more than to put as much effort into his or her business as possible. However, some tasks are more tedious than others. These tasks, so long as they do not involve person-to-person interactions, can be automated. This can help to free up time that the business owner can use to do things that computers can't.


Any good business needs to have a good website. This is true whether the business is hosted entirely online or in person. Having a website and social media presence can help a business reach a wider audience. This is just one way that a business can get free or inexpensive advertisements.

Business Automation
Of course, some businesses have bigger websites than others. Some hold more sensitive data than others. These and other factors will determine how much online space a website needs. This online space correlates to servers and containers in the real world. These servers are sometimes in a business, but more often than not, they will be located elsewhere.

Like anything else in a business, these servers need to be watched over. That's where Kubernetes come in. Kubernetes help to determine how many servers a website needs to run efficiently. Kubernetes consulting services can also help to determine which resources should be dedicated to which server. Once organized, the servers can run more smoothly. This will help the website as a whole to operate better.

Point of Sale Software

Point of Sale software is primarily used to make sales, kind of like a cash register, but only for online sales and sales made in person using a credit or debit card. Depending on which POS software you choose, it can also help to automate other aspects of your business.

POS software will focus on sales, no matter which one you choose. Some POS software can help to automate inventory counts. How exactly this works will depend on the type of POS used. For most POS software, inventory can be input manually. From there, when the item is sold, the software will deduct the item from the store's inventory. While this does not account for theft, it does save time when it comes to knowing how much of each item was sold.

Vendor Scheduling

Some items will need to be reordered on a regular basis. Automating these orders can help to save time-- and sometimes even money. However, you will need to put in some work up front to make this automotive tool work well for you.

First, you will need to find out the rate at which you use or sell a specific product. This will help to determine how often you need to reorder it. Once you have things figured out, you can set up a schedule with your vendor. Doing this does not require any extra software or devices-- just a phone call.

Lead Follow-up Emails

Most websites will have a "contact us" button that people can use when they need to ask a question to a business. If these emails go directly to the business owner, he or she is likely to be flooded with emails, many of which will be spam. It can take a while to sort through all of these and reply to them. That's where using automatic lead follow-up emails can help.

These automatic emails will reply to the "contact us" email as soon as it is received. Real people who are looking for a quick response will get what they want. Spammers will also get a response, but since it is automatic, no one at the business will be tricked into giving away sensitive information.

The automatic email should include text that states a real person will reply to the email soon if the person's message has not been answered. The person can then reply to this email to let the business owner know if he or she needs to talk to a real person or not. With this system, the emails practically sort themselves!

Whenever possible, business owners should automate the parts of their business that can be easily done by computer. However, it's best not to automate human-to-human interactions. This is the one place where computers can't match a human's abilities. Use these tools to help automate your business soon, without losing any humanity in your business.