The Indirect Benefits of Learning to Code

Since computers became more mainstream in the 90s, parents have wanted their children to learn how to use them. Not just operate the devices themselves but learn how to write the programs that drive the technology.

Today, almost everybody is walking around with a supercomputer in their pocket. Between the worth of video game sales nearly eclipsing the film industry and the advent of smartphones, parents everywhere want their children to learn STEM skills to get a job.

benefits of coding for kids
However, the benefits of learning to code go far beyond that. Let’s take a closer look at the indirect lessons kids learn from online programming classes.

How to Think Like an Engineer

Engineers need to be methodical and test out hypotheses. Such an approach guarantees that they’ll make mistakes, which changes how they think of mistakes. Sometimes mistakes can be thought of as errors that, by their very existence, can undermine a person’s self-esteem. To engineers, mistakes are not just inevitable; they’re a vital part of getting to the right answer.

Your child will learn to embrace creative thinking with profound tolerance, or even admiration, for mistakes.

Coding is a Language

Online coding lessons from industry leaders like Real Programming 4 Kids reinforce that coding is a language, like French, Spanish, or Hindi. Coding has its own type of conventions, or grammar, that you need to learn to write with, or it won’t make sense.

Each coding language has its own structure and rules that must be followed. Leading online coding classes teach only the most in-demand languages, like Python, Java, JavaScript, C#, and C++.

Your child will walk away with the specific skills employers look for, but they’ll also exercise the underlying language muscles.

Make sure to find a program that caps class size at four students per teacher. Whether in classrooms or in online environments, students shouldn’t have to compete with their peers for their teacher’s attention.

The best programs also tend to hire young teachers from computer science or computer engineering backgrounds. They have expertise in the latest aspects of programming, and they also grew up playing video games and will transfer their passion for gaming to the next generation.

Pure Fun

The best online coding classes emphasize kids having fun! The leading programs revolve around how to create a video game students can show off to friends and family. Putting gaming at the centre has two advantages.

One, kids will love programming a game as much as they love coding them. Two, the lessons themselves harness gamification to engage kids in learning to the same degree they get hooked on playing. Your child will exit the class with the skills employers expect. But even if they learn nothing, they’ll have so much fun that it’s more than worth it!

Parents understand the practical value of enrolling their children in programming courses, which is indeed important. The indirect benefits of learning to code will enrich your child’s education, and, more than that, they’ll have a lot of fun.