Sings that your phone might be hacked

How to know your phone
For most of us, our smartphone is a snapshot of our entire life, with all our personal data stored in one place. Your photos, videos, messages, and sometimes even banking information are all stored on the phone. This makes them a prime target for hackers who want to spy on your data.

So, whether you are on an android or iPhone, there are several ways hackers may have infiltrated your system and installed spyware that can be used to track your activity. They can access your calls, messages, banking information, saved passwords, and so much more. Even worse, all your two-factor authentication will be deemed useless as they have access to your phone.

So in this article, we discuss some of the signs that may suggest that your phone may have been hacked and show you some ways you can prevent it from happening again.

Signs that your phone may have been hacked

Spyware software is usually designed to be hidden, but some subtle signs may suggest something is wrong with your phone. However, some signs are not conclusive evidence but are worth looking into.

Unknown application: 

If you see any unknown applications installed on your phone, uninstall them as soon as possible. Hackers usually install apps without your consent and are used to spy on you.

Battery draining fast: 

In most instances, unknown applications installed on your phone are not visible in plain sight; hackers wrap the application in such a way that you can not see them running in the background. However, because the app is collecting data and constantly updating itself, it hogs on your battery, and you will find your device getting hotter than usual.

High Data Usage: 

Your phone should not constantly be uploading or downloading data, so if you find it is using high data, this may be a sign of your phone being compromised.

Phone working itself: 

It is not funny if your phone starts working itself and browsing through apps randomly. Hackers may have accessed your phone and browsing apps themselves. However, issues with your display may also prompt apps to work on their own (ghost touch) so before you panic, consider taking your phone to a technician.

Phone restarting instead of shutting down: 

Another obvious sign that your phone might be hacked is if it restarts every time you try to shut it down. The spyware overrides the settings in your phone and turns off the shutdown feature replacing it with a restart option.

How to remove malware from your phone

Over 800,000 people are being hacked annually, so if you find your phone hacked, it is important to stay calm and make informed decisions.

First, you should reset your phone; this will remove any malware on your device. Next, you should change all your passwords and install a VPN and Antivirus on your phone.

The antivirus will detect if there is any more malware in your device, while a VPN application will create an encrypted connection, so hackers are no longer able to track your IP address.

A VPN is particularly useful as it also helps you securely connect to public wifi, which is often the primary target for hackers to get into your device.

Final words

Hacking is more common than you may think, so keep an eye open for signs of hacks and always have a premium VPN installed on your phone for added privacy.