How you can enhance the functionality of your browser

view Instagram without account
How to expand browser options and view Instagram without account

Today, almost everyone uses a search engine at least once a day. We look at the weather, public transport timetables, recipes, job information and much, much more. All you need to do is enter your query into the search bar. It would seem, what could be easier? However, as often happens, sometimes standard browser features are not enough. Sometimes you may need various extensions in the form of applications, services or add-ons. And the situation is similar not only with browsers, but also with other applications, such as Instagram. Often the basic functions will not be enough. To do this, you can use, for example, the Inflect service. This Insta viewer will allow you to view Instagram without account without any difficulty and will do it absolutely anonymously!

Now, let's look at extensions for your browser.


The tool allows you to find and block trackers on the websites you visit. The plugin monitors web bugs, spies, beacons and pixels placed by content providers, ad networks, site owners and other companies that are interested in your activity on the Internet. Ghostery recognizes pixels and web bugs from over 500 companies, including Facebook, Google, and more. Enhanced Anti Tracking also anonymizes data to further protect your privacy.

The built-in ad blocker and Smart Blocking feature speed up page loading, optimize page performance and eliminate site clutter.

Analytics UTM Builder

Represents a URL builder. With it, you can quickly add UTM tags to the link and fully track the performance of campaigns in Google Analytics.

PPC NegativeKeywords

The plugin is designed to collect negative keywords in Analytics, AdWords, Bing Ads, Serpstat and other accounts. The extension speeds up the analysis of search queries and their addition as negative keywords. The tool also allows you to automatically edit keys. You can add words to the list of the working window of the extension. Then you need to copy the list and upload it as a list of negative keywords.


This is one of the most popular link shortening tools. It is popular not only with advertising agencies and freelancers, but also with major brands such as Disney, The New York Times, Nike and others.

In addition to shortening links, it allows you to:

• track reports, click-through statistics for 20+ different characteristics; 
• set up custom links (after, you can set an arbitrary text instead of a set of letters and numbers); 
• create branded links that increase recognition, inspire more trust and, according to the service, are 34% more clickable than standard ones; 
• view all links with tags and titles in your personal account.

Also among the advantages are access to the API, the generation of QR codes, integration with well-known foreign social networks and digital marketing tools.

SEOquake - universal extension for website analysis

Available in browsers:

• Google Chrome
• Firefox
• Opera
• Microsoft Edge

Languages: Russian, English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese and Russian.

Cost: partially free. Some data is issued from third-party services, where authorization and payment of a tariff for output data limits are required.

Functions and expansion options

1. Get instant access to key SEO metrics: Google Index, Google Links, Google Cache Date, Yahoo Index, SEMrush Links, etc.

2. Analyze search results pages (SERPs).

3. Set search query parameters yourself.

4. Conduct a full SEO audit of pages, including checking them for compatibility with mobile devices.

5. Work with standard search query parameters and create your own.

6. Get reports on all internal and external links.

7. Define keyword density and set up stop-word lists.

8. Compare sites by URL and domain.

9. Collect social media statistics.

Suitable for: SEO specialists, Internet marketers, webmasters.


With the extension you can get:

• general information on traffic from mobile devices and computers for 6 months, the number of visits during this period and the average duration of visits, the number of pages viewed and the bounce rate; 
• statistics of visits by country in percentage terms and in graphical form (regions are indicated on the world map); 
• traffic sources (transitions from social networks, search, from sites, direct visits, etc.) in the form of diagrams; 
• detailed information on the sites from which users came and to which they left; 
• information on search traffic indicating the percentage, paid and organic search, as well as key phrases that users came from; 
• statistics on visitors from social networks; 
• interests of users who came to the analyzed resource, and addresses of sites that were also of interest to visitors.

If you do not know your competitors, you can use the corresponding SimilarWeb option.

SimilarTech Prospecting

This extension also allows you to quickly analyze the activity of a competitor's website. You can get information about traffic, companies, a list of technologies that the site uses, and detailed statistics for each. For the extension to work, just open the desired page in the browser.


This is only a small fraction of all the plugins that are available to the average user today. If you go to the search engine, you can easily find many ways for his own extension and even more! You only need to spend a little of your time.