10 Advantages to Using Microsoft’s Outlook Calendar

Microsoft Outlook Calendar
If you’re currently using Outlook for your email, you may not be aware of the fact that you also have free access to Microsoft Calendar. It’s one of the most popular application choices, because Microsoft took the trouble to step up its game in the last several years to keep up with competitors.

Chances are there are benefits you’ve been missing out on. Take a look at what Microsoft’s calendar program might do for you.

1. Get Organized

Of course, the number-one reason to utilize Microsoft Calendar is to help you get more organized. Whether you’re a business professional, student, or busy parent, you can now import all your upcoming events into one schedule. Not only will this help get you organized, but it’ll likely improve your productivity levels.

2. Set Reminders

It’s too easy to forget about a meeting, appointment, or when you’re supposed to take your next round of medication. With the option of helpful reminders, you can arrange to be alerted as far in advance as you need to.

3. Sync to Other Devices

Most likely, you aren’t going to be glued to your laptop all day. Fortunately, Microsoft Calendar can be readily synced to your other devices. You’ll receive all your notifications across every piece of hardware, so you’ll never miss a crucial event no matter where you go.

4. Display Multiple Time Zones

Many people have to collaborate their schedule with individuals and businesses in other time zones. Microsoft has this covered.

You can seamlessly add an additional time zone to your calendar, which can be incredibly handy when you’re working on the East Coast and have to coordinate activities with someone on the West Coast.

5. Share Your Calendar

Working in a professional environment means you’re collaborating with other team members. Microsoft furnishes the ability to share calendars so you may schedule collaborative meetings and see what other people have coming up throughout their week.

6. Set Private Calendar Events

On the other hand, not everything has to be publicly available. Scheduling private calendar events for doctor’s appointments, a surprise date with your partner, or a time to share sensitive information with colleagues are among the great ways to make use of this feature.

7. Serve as a Meeting Organizer

The person who creates the calendar event is customarily regarded as the meeting organizer. Since your calendar invite will sync to your email, you can receive automatic responses from those you invited. When a deadline for the meeting approaches, you’ll be able to follow up with those who haven’t yet shared their response.

8. Include Reminders in Your Emails

Another great feature of Microsoft Calendar is the option to attach calendar reminders to your emails. The recipient can add the attachment into his or her own calendar so it can generate reminders of an upcoming deadline or crucial business meeting.

9. Add Public Holidays to Your Calendar

When you have a busy professional life, you might forget an important holiday. Or perhaps you may accidentally schedule a meeting over Thanksgiving break.

The public holiday option is an incredibly helpful tool, especially if you’re working with remote employees and peers in other countries. Their holidays won’t necessarily be the same as yours, so if you wish to respect their traditional holidays, you can easily arrange to be reminded through the calendar.

10. Enhanced Security Measures

Microsoft has worked on enhancing its security measures for users. Since your calendar is so closely tied to your email, the company has added layers of junk and phishing protection, email scanner alerts, and the ability to block senders through various security features.


If you’re stuck in your old ways and keep a paper calendar, it may be past the time for an upgrade. Microsoft Calendar is easy to integrate for this purpose into your personal or professional life.

Treat it like your personal office assistant. It’ll keep track of every appointment and deadline while giving you easy access to follow up with friendly reminders as you collaborate seamlessly with others.