Guide To Native Advertising 2021

Native Advertising
Looking for the perfect guide to native advertising? Look no further, we've got it all in here!

Native advertising is a form of advertisement that is specially designed to fully match the format of its host platform.

This involves the use of native ads whose layout, design, and content fit into the site's description.

These ads are a non-interruptive form of adverts.

They allow clients and site visitors to fully interact with the content on the page with no distractions in sight.

Native ads effortlessly blend in with the content on a site, allowing the site user to discover products without being bugged every step of the way.

These ads look the part as they don't stand out unnecessarily, they look and feel like a certified part of the site to each site visitor.

This in turn places the visitor's mind at ease as they rest assured that there is no scam insight.

Want to figure out how native advertising works? Read further!

How does it work?

The average site visitor is wary of the presence of traditional ads.

This is major because these ads are easily tampered with and they tend to pop up unnecessarily, thereby disrupting the user's activities.

Native advertising works by employing the use of subtle hints when a visitor is spotted on the site.

These hints are so subtle, the user might not realize they were looking at an ad.

This in turn makes the visitor more receptive to the ads.

So if you're looking to draw more visitors to your site, seeking the aid of native ads is the best way to go.

How effective are Native ads?

Native advertising is the fastest growing advertisement segment in the marketing industry.

This is backed up by research that shows how massively it has grown, counting at 35% as of 2017 and 2018.

The effectiveness of native ads is pretty obvious as you'll notice an increase in the number of visitors you get on your site.

A sample of an effective native ad example is Adidas, a leading global sportswear producer.

To make it easier for you, here is a list of how effective native ads are:

• Successfully boosts traffic flow

The introduction of native ads to your site is one sure way to bring in a massive inflow of traffic to your site.

The addition of native ads to your site adds a total of 53% more views!

• Prolongs the stay of the visitor

If there's one way to keep a site visitor's attention on your site, it's with the aid of native ads.

Individuals always try to avoid ads that seem to pop up every two (2) to three (3) seconds.

In the case of native ads, they fit perfectly into the layout of the site and don't hover around unnecessarily.

• Massive click-through rate

Native ads steadily produce a click-through rate of eight to nine times that of the usual traditional ads.

Plus, native ads offer a 9% higher lift for a Brand's affinity!

• Native advertising is useful on any platform

Native ads are a very effective tool that aims at rendering higher engagement and relationships with clients and potential customers.

This makes them useful for advertisers and most publishers who seek to promote their products or services.

Native ads are highly useful for publishers and advertisers because they can help converse traffic on almost any social media platform or app.

• Native advertising promotes sponsorships

Another effective attribute of native advertising is the ability to promote sponsorships.

Sponsorship is a simple way through which a native advertisement can reach the target customers, without creating any disruption in the flow of their content experience.

It won't look as though you're forcing the ad. Sponsorship allows a brand to act as a co-presenter and advertise themselves through a publisher’s content.

• Native Ads Puts You In Control

Exactly how amazing will it be when you're in full control of your ad and you're the sole determiner of what happens to the ad? Outstanding right?

Most advertisers are still stuck with the problem of not knowing who sees their ads and when their ads are shown on websites.

That's pretty awful! 

One of the best benefits of Native Advertising is that you can willfully put your content into an environment where it will be seen by a selected or target audience, mixed with similar content, matching intent, and topic.

In sum, you control what happens to your ad.

Bottom line

Native advertising is highly advisable for firms, businesses and companies as it employs the use of native ads.

These ads produce a steady click-through rate eight times higher than that of the traditional ads displayed.

They not only work to bring in more clients, they equally function to not disrupt the activities of the site visitor.