How to Recover Lost Data with EaseUS Free Data Recovery Software

EaseUS Free Data Recovery Software
Sometimes when the device gets overburdened with lots of data including files, photos, videos, documents, and other stuff that affects the processing speed of the device and creates a lagging issue. To resolve this issue we prefer to format or restore the device but due to lack of technical knowledge, we lose important information and data from our device that push us into great stress.

EaseUS free data recovery software is the highly recommended data recovery software program on the internet today. With many excellent feature assistance, it helps users to recover almost any type of data file in different formats. The free data recovery tool EaseUS is developed with powerful features that recover the maximum number of lost files from the device. It automatically extracts the lost data, the partition on a hard drive, and fixes the remaining bugs to help users with their best data recovery solutions.

EaseUS offers trial versions to test their performance in a secure mode without interrupting any other app or program on your device. It resumes a list of images, videos, documents, and other important files to help you take a thought and decide are they really important to be recovered. If yes! Then users can opt for paid versions for assured results. In the most secure environment, EaseUS fetches back almost all data files accidentally lost. For IT professionals to personal users, EaseUS is designed with simple user interface and flexible features with minimum difficulty to understand and recover any lost data almost from any device.

What best EaseUS do to recover the lost data files?

1. EaseUS sort and scan the files on the initial stage

Compatible to different versions EaseUS the free data recovery software sort and scan the types of files in the initial recovery mode. Later extracting the file type EaseUS initiates a quick deep scan to retrieve almost every file mistakenly swiped by the user action. It also generates a quick scan algorithm to retrieve most of the missing data.

After a hard scan, EaseUS capably sort out most of the files with every extension and supported file types. And it allows to browse and preview all the files before restoring them to the device. EaseUS applies its strategic deep scan to identify entire system storage and files locations to recover the most possible user data available in the memory.

EaseUS Free Data Recovery Software
2. EaseUS allows to select scan options in different device locations:

It’s designed with strong capabilities to reach out to the robust internal storage and associated locations in the desktop storage. From hard drive partitions, windows libraries, to external drive it scopes to every location in the device and gets most of the files back in the “Deleted Partition”. It essentially drifts out the copy of data saved in the internal memory of the device long available even after the deletion. Meanwhile, EaseUS also offers an independent partition recovery tool, which is relatively cheaper.

EaseUS Free Data Recovery Software
3. EaseUS enables scan with preferred file type or extension:

EaseUS comes with this most prominent feature where user can select a file type or extension which they prefer to extract from the lost scan files. With the preview option, users can detect all the preferred files during or later the scan ends. There is a list of file categories that emerged once the scan is completed including audios/videos, images, documents, graphics, contacts, and email, etc.

The EaseUS recovery software comes with great compatibility and easy set up for a range of users. The fast recovery feature compared to other online recovery tools make it the most advanced data recovery software globally. EaseUS guide the users to process recovery program with minimum effort to retrieve most of the data swiped by the user. The advance EaseUS data recovery software 2020 ensures:
  • Customize Schedule recovery of data
  • Fast and exhaustive data recovery
  • Retrieve data from maximum device locations
  • Easy to process import & export scan sessions
  • Data recovery paid versions at best prices
  • Time-specified scan with pause & resume

EaseUS in the context of Customer support:

EaseUS is the best free data recovery software in the account of customer support. For better understanding and execution the software is enclosed with user manuals, supporting articles and tutorials in simple language to help users while browsing, downloading, installing to process the recovery program.

We’ve discussed some of the best features that signify EaseUS as the best free data recovery software to recover almost any type of lost data with great device compatibility for a range of users worldwide. In case of exceeding the data limit or storage size of the lost data, it comes in a free trial and paid versions for more effective recovery solutions.