What are the best careers to retrain for?

Every now and again, people will look at their lives and reassess them. This might be due to a relationship, finances, family commitments, and often it is due to someone’s career. Over time it is certainly possible to fall out of love with a job, especially if it’s not what you were hoping it would be or it’s simply not something you enjoy anymore (if you ever did). In the past this might have been a problem; it would have been difficult to change careers later in life as there wouldn’t have been many opportunities to do so. You would have been able to change jobs, but you probably would have had to stay in the same career field.

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Today it is different, and if you want to change your career there are ample opportunities to do so. If you have been feeling unfulfilled in your job and you know you want to do something else, the idea is an exciting one. Yet it can also be daunting; what can you do? What do your skills point you towards? What jobs are going to be the best ones to look into and potentially retrain for if additional qualifications are required? We list out some below that could give you a great starting point for your new, wonderful, satisfying career.


Nursing can often be the kind of career that pulls people towards it. You can start your nursing career right out of high school after the right level of training, but it can also be a fantastic career to go into later in life, since life experience is something that will help you to empathize with patients, for example. Not only are there many options to train, whether you go to college or take an online TWU nurse practitioner course which gives you flexibility and the chance to work at your own pace without having to give up your current job, but there are many avenues to explore within nursing itself. Whether you want to work with children or the elderly, in emergency medicine or in a palliative care home, the choice is yours.

Nursing is a good choice if you feel that this vocation is something you are drawn to. By 2022, reports expect that there will be around 530,000 new nursing posts available in the US, and this number is only expected to grow. After all, nursing is one of the very few careers that will always be needed; technology is taking over in many areas, but nursing is one where this cannot happen since it needs the human touch.


Being a chef can be an extremely challenging and exciting career to take up, no matter what your age or your qualifications. Although you can go to culinary schools such as the Culinary Institute of America and learn all the techniques and skills you need to become a chef and be successful, this is not the only route. Depending on how you want to work and what your current commitments are, becoming a chef is one of the few jobs where you can learn as you go. By applying for a job in a restaurant kitchen, whether that be as an assistant chef, a pot washer, or anything else, you can start to work your way up the ladder. This option may take longer, but you will gain all the skills you need and you can then choose which area to go into.

As a chef, you can also start your own business, although opening a restaurant is something that will take plenty of time, commitment, and money. This does not have to be the route you take if you prefer to work for someone else, so don’t be concerned that all cooking routes will lead to you having to open a restaurant; you can pick and choose how you work.


If you want to change your career and retrain to become an attorney there is no getting away from the fact that you have a long, hard task in front of you. Yet being an attorney is a career that can make a huge difference in other people’s lives, and you can truly make a difference to those who you help, whether it is the victim or their family.

Again, gaining these qualifications will open up an entirely new world to you, enabling you to start your own practice if that is what you want to do. This will give you flexibility and freedom in some respects, but remember that being an attorney also means working long hours at some points.


There is something very special to consider teachers. Without them, there would be no doctors, no attorneys, no nurses, no other teachers… in fact, almost every other career you can think of would no be possible without good teachers helping children to read and write. Of course, teachers do much more than this too – yes, they teach children the basics of education, and when the children are older they teach much more in-depth information, but they are also mentors and guides who can assist children into discovering exactly what career they would excel at, and where they should be looking for work.

They are also there to help with personal issues. A child might feel much more comfortable talking to their trusted teacher about a problem than they would talk to their parents. So there is much that a teacher needs to be able to do and be. They are highly important people, and retraining to be a teacher is a great thing to do if you feel you have something to pass on to the next generation.


There are many jobs about the house that those living there are able to carry out with no problems, or with the help of an online tutorial. Plumbing is usually better left to the experts, however; water damage can be extremely serious and it can ruin homes entirely. If you’re not sure what you are doing when it comes to repairing your water systems, it is a far better idea to call a plumber in to help you.

So retraining as a plumber is a great idea. You will learn all the necessary skills that other people just don’t have, and you will always be in demand. Plumbing is a good idea as it is a business you can set up yourself with only a few outgoings (such as a van and some tools, as well as your education and qualification). You can work for yourself as a sole trader and choose the work you want to take on, giving you complete flexibility. Plus, as mentioned above, plumbing is a skill that will always be needed, and whether it’s a small job or a big one you can set your rates accordingly and have a good income too.

Veterinary Nurse

If you prefer animals to people and you want to take care of them in your day to day life, choosing to retrain as a veterinary nurse could be the perfect solution for you. It takes less time to train in this profession than it does to be a veterinary surgeon, so you could start your new career more quickly. Plus, as with nurses for humans, you are able to connect with the animals and take care of them, rather than only treating their symptoms.

Around 67 percent of households in the USA own some kind of pet, so the need for a veterinary nurse is always going to be there. You can indulge your own love of animals with a career that will give you enormous job satisfaction too. Having job satisfaction is often one of the most important elements of any career, although it is something that is easily missed until it becomes a problem.

Video Game Designer

It might be that you already have many of the skills required to be a video game designer, but even if you don’t there are plenty of different courses you can take that will give you the knowledge you need. Once you have the technical skills to be a video game designer, the rest is down to your own imagination and your success will be down to the kinds of games you design.

You will most likely already have an interest in video games if you are keen to be a video game designer, so you will know what works and what doesn’t in your opinion. You can take this knowledge, and the knowledge of the games you enjoy the most, to create some amazing games and have fun doing it. Remember, though, you must have the technical grounding behind you before you can truly be successful; this might not mean that you need professional qualifications (although these do exist for video game designers) but it will mean that you need to know how to program a game to do exactly what you want it to do. A fun plot and great graphics won’t make a game popular if the gameplay itself is poor.