Benefits of Using Safe Search Engines to Protect Your Privacy

Safe Search Engines
You've likely heard of popular search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. But did you know that those are not private search engines? They are able to easily store your information, track your location, and curate advertisements based on your search history.

If everyone was aware of that, safe search engines would be much more popular. The amount of people switching over is increasing more and more over time. Today we're going to talk about some of the benefits of using safe search engines to protect your privacy and a few of the best search engine alternatives.

No Tracking

Easily one of the top benefits of using a safe search engine is that there isn't tracking. When I search engine doesn't have tracking you will see fewer ads and your results will not be influenced by your browsing history. You will also see fewer advertisements on websites you visit from Google. Even though Google has encryption, search results will end up in your cache and allow anyone who uses your computer to access your information.

Hotbot is a great privacy-oriented search engine that won’t track you. You can search for local movie times, restaurants, or anything else without worry about your safety. Hotbot provides its users with fast results from four search engines that are much less safe. This way you can still find what you’re looking for, without getting tracked without your knowledge.

Peace of Mind

Safe search engines also bring peace of mind to people who use them. The search engine isn't watching what you're searching for, there is no third party involved, and your privacy is protected.

Also, whenever there is a data breach or hack, privacy-oriented search engines often don't get hit. Catch up you can also search for things around your location without having to worry about the search engine storing your information.

Non-Specific Advertisements

Like you've read above, when you use a safe search engine such as, you won't have to worry about advertisements that are curated and specifically targeted to you. With safer search engines, you can still get quick and simple results for the things you need without worry about your online safety. This makes it easy to get the information you’re looking for without the search engine using your history to curated advertisements.

Popular websites such as Google will use your past search results and even your tracking information to advertise specific products and services. You've likely seen something you've recently searched for on a social media platform. This isn't a coincidence by any means. It's just Google trying to get you to buy the product.

Natural Search Results

Another thing many people don't know is that when you use one of the most popular search engines in the world, you are not getting natural search results. Just like how Google curates the ads you see, the search engine does the same thing for your search results.

When using a safe search engine you are able to see the natural search results that everyone else receives. There are pros and cons to this. While some curated search results can come in handy, it is not worth it to risk your privacy and have a search engine to store your private information and track your location.

DuckduckGo is a privacy-oriented search engine that provides you with natural search results. You’ll likely already know your way around it since it looks quite similar to other popular search engines. You won’t have to waste time learning a new setup when using Duckduckgo. You’ll get natural search results that are based on what you’re searching, instead of your history and personal information.

Final Words

Those are just a handful of the benefits that come with using a safe search engine to protect your privacy. Hopefully, after reading this you have made the decision to switch over to a safer alternative than Google. You'll still be able to find results and what you're looking for without having to jeopardize your family safety or important data getting into the wrong hands.

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