The Path to Becoming a Rockstar Mobile Developer

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The Path to Becoming a Rockstar Mobile Developer

The world today is flowing with mobile apps. More amazing mobile designs are popping up by the second. Primarily, a mobile app developer specializes in designing, building, and maintaining mobile applications.

Mobile phones are the basis of app development, as there are more than half a billion mobile phone users spread across the world. Isn't it exciting that mobile apps are estimated to make over $190 billion in revenue generation from app stores, in-app purchasing, and advertising in 2020?

Even in just one State such as New York, the city is swarming with NYC mobile app agencies!

If you are thinking of starting a career as a mobile developer, here are valuable nuggets to guide you on the beautiful journey ahead.

Get the Requisite Training and Skills

You don't need to have an academic degree in an IT field to become a mobile developer. Most top NYC Mobile App Agency is filled with self-taught coders. Agreed, having a foundational IT experience gives you a better start, helping you understand the basic principles involved in mobile app development.

For a beginner, there are multiple online platforms where you can learn coding, and other tutorials focused on mobile app development. You should focus on three main areas.

•    User Interface Design (GUI). Coding an interface is the basis of app development.

•    Programming. The knowledge of programming language like JAVA, HTML5, CSS, etc. is essential in developing a mobile app that will be widely accepted.

•    Business skills. Learning about business is of utmost importance if you intend earning money from app development. Mastering how to maximize the financial capacity of your app will prove needful.

Choose a Major Platform

There are several platforms, like Android, iOS, Windows, and Symbian. As a starter, you should focus on learning app development on a dominant platform in the app market. You can start with the Android or iOS platform because of their large market share.

Use App Development Engines

Using app development engines, in addition to your coding skills, can be instrumental in creating successful mobile apps. There are a significant number of popular apps built with app development engines. Freelancers with limited knowledge of coding (or short of time) can also use these engines.

Practice Regularly to Sharpen Your Skills

Perfection comes from rigorous practice. When you’re planning to develop an app, come up with an idea of creating a functional app that will solve a particular problem. You should consider the following:

1.    Make sure your concept is illustrated on paper. This will help you determine the features to include in your app.

2.    Look for collaborators. You will need an expert guide in guiding you through the steps of developing a functional and successful mobile app. You can consider hiring a professional to guide you through the process.

3.    You should test your mobile app for bugs and figure out ways to fix the bugs.

4.    Convert your app to other platforms. Converting your app to other platforms will give you the chance of learning about different platforms and their requirements to broaden your skills and knowledge base.

Apply for work/internship

If you intend having a career in mobile app development, contemplate an internship role with organizations that focuses on apps development.


For you to develop an app that can compete successfully with millions of apps in various app stores, you have to be highly motivated and courageous. You can never know how well your app will fare till you unleash it!

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