4 Ways to Boost your Company's Cyber health

As the media keep telling us, cybercrime is a pretty big deal right now. If we were to roll back the clock several years, this was a term that hadn't even been invented. Now, it is one that regularly exposes companies and costs many of their reputations.

Company's cyber health
As today's title may have already indicated, we are going to suggest some ways in which you can avoid your business falling into such a category. Some might turn to a multi-cloud platform, which naturally strengthens your whole infrastructure from a security perspective, but in terms of more day-to-day tasks let's jump into some hard and fast tips.

The power of education

It sounds basic, but you might be amazed at the number of employees who don't understand the importance of cybersecurity. A lot of this is simply due to ignorance; few understand that a small mistake can lead to a huge data breach.

Take phishing for example. This was something that was quite new on the blocks several years ago, but now it's something that regularly catches companies out. It's topics like this which employees need to be educated about, all with the aim of protecting your company's systems.

Turn to a password manager

Once upon a time, passwords were stored on post-it notes. Now, such an approach is asking for trouble. In fact, even emailing passwords between colleagues is a recipe for disaster; someone can easily look over your shoulder and the rest, as they say, is history.

Instead, look towards a password manager. This does exactly as it says on the tin; it is a piece of software that stores company passwords. You require a master password to access it, but in doing this it provides a secure platform for everyone to retrieve passwords without anything being intercepted.

Be shrewd about software

In an ideal world, all software we use would be equal. As we all know, we live in anything but this universe.

Unfortunately, some software is more susceptible to cyber-attacks than others. This is why it is important to vet anything that your organization will be using regularly. Better still, prevent any employee from downloading software onto their device without being granted permission.

In a similar vein, make sure that any software you do have is updated with patches frequently. This is one of the easiest ways for hackers to find loopholes and ultimately, cause a whole magnitude of damage to your business.

The infamous BYOD policy

This final point links very well into the previous one we have just been discussing. Bring Your Own Device policies were once a really big deal amongst small companies; they saved them a lot of money in start-up costs as employees were simply using their own hardware.

Well, cybersecurity has changed all this. Quite often, employee devices just don't have adequate security installed on them, and they are as such a huge data risk. As such, make sure this practice no longer continues.

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