5 Tips to Choose an Air purifier

5 Tips to Choose an Air purifier 

It is often easy to assume that you are protected from outside pollution when inside the house. But you couldn’t be more wrong. The environment inside the house is as much polluted as the one outside. The walls aren’t just enough to avoid the pollution present outside. This is why you need something strong enough to protect you from the issues related to pollutants present in the air. Air purifiers are the best choice when it comes to dealing with issues such as allergens in the air, chemical-fumes, minute pollutants in the air, etc.

Before you decide on bringing an air purifier for your house, there are few tips that might aid you during the process of selecting the best ones.

1. Look for smoke & odour purifiers:

If you happen to share your house with someone who tends to smoke a lot, it is essential that you use the powerful air purifiers with charcoal filters that effectively eliminate any kind of smoke or odour that is present inside the house. The charcoal purifier can be the best air purifier for smokers as it keeps the air fresh with eliminating of smoke as well as particles that bear its odour.

2. HEPA Purifiers:

HEPA purifiers, also known as High-Efficiency Particulate Air purifiers, can easily trap the microscopic contaminants that are larger than the size 0.3 microns. This helps with the elimination of more than 99.97 percent of the overall contaminants present inside the room. These purifiers essentially contain fibres that help with trapping the particles when air passes through it. HEPA ensures that the tiniest contaminants are caught by it, keeping the air clean and breathable.

3. Filter Efficiency:

Make sure you check the filter efficiency of the product you are purchasing. Anything with a capturing capacity of 0.3 microns can work wonders for the air inside your house. Ask the seller if the air purifier can remove things such as mould, pollen, pet dander, bacteria, dust mites, chemical fumes, etc from the air. The best option is to go for the filter with activated carbon or look for the ultraviolet based air purifier.

4. Noise Level:

With machines running 24x7, noise can be a big concern, especially when you are trying to sleep. Most of the air purifiers come with a list comprised of decibel rating calculated with the fan speed in each purifier. Look for the purifiers below 30dB which is the amount of noise created when one whispers. The best air purifiers are the ones with 10dB noise measurement. Avoid the ones with 70dB noise as it is similar to that of a vacuum cleaner.

5. Warranty:

Make sure you look for a proper warranty when purchasing an air purifier. It is essential that you look for the ones that come with at least 1-year warranty. Choose to purchase from the established manufacturers that even provide a warranty over the fan and the motor parts for a term of 5 years.

Given the fact that air purifiers are a major investment, make sure you complete all your research before jumping into the decision of purchasing one for your home. Take a look at the best market picks by visiting Reviews Avenue.  

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