Top 7 must-have travel gadgets

 Top 7 must-have travel gadgets 

A mood to travel can turn on anytime and you definitely do not need a traveling season for this. Whether you are on a vacation mode or on a business trip, there are certain gadgets that are as essential as your medicines or toothbrush. These gadgets will assure you a comfortable and hassle-free time while you can chill and relax or work with all attention. So here is the list of the gadgets that you must have while on a trip:


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Firestick is just like a Pendrive, absolutely handy and very useful. This connects with any laptop or television and plays whatever is streaming over the internet. All you need is an internet connection, a Wi-Fi or a cellular network and that’s all. You won’t have to miss your favorite series, serials, movies or videos on any channel whilst on travel. The Firestick is compatible with any device which has an HDMI port and nowadays available with a virtual assistant to just follow your voice to process the work. Amazon firestick is the most reliable so far.


Go-pro is a very hi-fi camera technology by an American company and is amongst the most demanded gadgets in the world. You can record the entire fun of your adventure, without even holding an actual camera. Just fixGo-Pro and enjoy the rush of adrenaline through the blood. The camera will take care of even the funkiest times of your trip, amidst the dust, smoke, water, tough wind or mist. Wondering about the quality of pictures if in a pool at a water park? With the Go Pro, there is no need to worry; all the pictures clicked using this camera is of HD quality and it’s something that can help you obtain wonderful pictorial memories even inside the water. This versatile action camera is available in a number of models and series. The data can be easily transferred to your phone or computer. So, celebrate any and every moment of your travel.

Apple watch:

The ultimate device for a non-bickering time during your journey is an Apple watch. The watch monitors the heath like it keeps an eye on the heartbeat, blood sugar levels, water intake, and body temperature. It is really effective in managing in case there is an abnormality. Other than these, the gadget helps you to check your calories burnt even while you are at work and is very convenient to connect to other devices. The watch connects to incoming and outgoing calls, notifies about received emails and has software to deliver an SOS call too. Gone are the days when watches were just meant for time.

Power bank:

Ever faced a situation where the battery of your phone or laptop dies? Most often isn’t it? A power bank is an ideal solution for this complication. A power bank is a gadget that can be charged just like a cellular phone, a lot faster though and has a battery back-up for long hours. So, even if you do not find out a charging point, you may still not get notified with a low battery if you have a power bank with you. The power banks are now supplied with multiple ports so as to ease up charging of more than one cell phone and laptops too.


Do you fear that your luggage might be misplaced, lost, stolen or mixed-up with others’ luggage? Lugloc is just the gadget that can help you track your own luggage by your own self, without much hassle. Drop in the gadget in your bag, in any pocket and forget your worries. Track its mobile position from your cell phone in milliseconds, anywhere. This tracking device detects your stuff in real-time using the GPS tracker and combines mobile and Bluetooth techniques for the accurate location.


Do you wish to camp in a jungle away from the hustle-bustle of the cities, lay beside the river and cook the fresh stuff collected from nature or stuck inside a building that is insulated to frequency transmission? Then, this accessory is perfect for such a trip, where networks or Wi-Fi is not found. You definitely do not want to miss important calls or emails or get disconnected from your friends in an unknown wild place. Go-tenna is a portable device that would keep you in a reachable mode always. Hang it along your bag-pack, pocket or purse and be found anywhere.

Global adaptor:

While traveling around, you might not get charging points compatible with the charger of your device. Appropriate to use and to fit into such a situation, you must have a global adaptor with you. These gadgets are non-earthed and provide more than two ports of different device compatibility. These dual-voltage appliances are ready to be plugged in anywhere, a transformer or a converter. Absolutely small and light, these adaptors can get into any of the pockets in your bag. Adaptors are totally a thing if you wish to charge your techy gadgets safely.

Traveling without tension about the belongings or surroundings is the best kind of journey. Let little problems not be hurdles in creating memories. The above-said gadgets are really very essential and would prove helpful. For any further details, you may visit Nerds Travel.  

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