6 Things you must look for while buying headphones

How to Buy Earphones Guide

6 Things you must look for while buying headphones

Headphones are a great asset it helps you listen to music or watch a movie without disturbing anyone. Also, it lets you have a private conversation and best of all you can put your headphones on and ignore all the people who irk you. The last part is for fun, but on a serious note, they are a great travel companion especially when you are on a solo trip.

But choosing a headphone is not an easy job their quality needs to at par with the device they are plugged in. You have to take care of all the dos and don’ts while buying a headphone online. Before buying the headphones you should research them well as a lot of elements like sound quality, price and their weight need to be considered as they should be according to your need to make a sound investment.

Here are 6 things you must look for while buying headphone:

1. Make a budget and stick to it

It doesn’t matter whether you are a gadget freak or not, if you are investing in something, its quality should be top-notch and must have great features. So research all the available options and check the features they provide. Set your budget according to that list keeping in mind the features and qualities that work for you.

If you just want a headphone that helps you listen to songs while traveling a good quality, but basic gadget will do, but if you want the audio quality to be good, you will have to raise our budget.

It is also imperative that you stick to your budget while trying to find the right fit for you.

2. What you need them for

This may seem trivial but is an important aspect while deciding the kind of headphone you want. People have different requirements; some may use headphone while only in the gym or jogging while some may use it while in transit. Others may use it every time and everything from watching movies to sleeping while they are still on you.

So make sure that your purpose for buying is clear, this will help you in finding the right headphones with just the features you want and that too within your budget.

3. Noise cancellation

If you like to listen to songs or watch a movie with no outside noise and without turning the volume to the maximum, then this is a great feature for you. Noise cancellation feature is found in most headphones these days and is of two types-

● Passive noise-cancellation makes sure that most of the small noises like phone ringing etc., don’t disturb you but if you are on the plane, it won’t cancel the engine’s sound.
● Active cancellation works on most of the higher frequency of noise but may block some of the tunes that you were watching. So, whichever suits you best should be your pick.

4. Wireless for the person who travels a lot

If you travel a lot and listen to tunes or watch a series while travelling, then having a wireless headphone may be your first choice. But there are some things to consider here, wireless headphones have the advantage of living hassle-free of entangled wires and have a decent sound quality due to Bluetooth. But the sound is still a bit compressed so keep that in mind when you select your gadget.

5. Don’t be too brand conscious

If you are an audiophile or want the headphones for professional reason than you must choose the brands like Bose or Grado that sell the best headphones. Their prices are really high, so if you are not that into high brands and are happy with brands that have great quality and decent prices, then just go for that.

6. The placement of the headphone

Whether you prefer headphones on your ear, in your ear or over your ear is imperative while deciding the right headphone for you because it’s all about your comfort. The quality of the sound is what makes them different from each other, the over the ear style headphone blocks the external noise and has great sound quality while on-ear style is easy to port and cheap and weight light but they do cut out the bass notes. All these tips are essential while making a purchase, make sure that you research all the available options. Once you make sure that all the features are there, then you can select the color and style that you love.

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