4 Apps and Online Tools to Take Control of your Student Loans

Worrying about a mountain of student loans? I've been there – losing control and at a loss as to where to begin paying it all back.

That is the point at which I started searching for apps and online tools that can help me pay back my student loan and finish off my studies successfully. A debt repayment application can help transform that crazy amount of debts into a straightforward structure of numbers one can handle. Besides, I required an app to enable me to shape a student loan payment plan I could execute effectively.

The best debt management applications can do it for you. Check out these 4 apps and online tools that will help you take control of your student loans.

Student Loan Hero

Student Loan Hero doesn't simply offer articles – It also has tools and an application to enable you to deal with your understudy loans.

Sign up for an account and you can set up your own particular Student Loan Hero Dashboard, an instrument that encourages you to manage your understudy debt and make better repayment plans for it.

Key Features

• Sync the majority of your study loans crosswise over various services into one place so you can without much of a problem keep a track. The tool pulls in your understudy loan information from all significant servicers and consistently updates the current balance.

• Use student loan hero to play with various re-payment alternatives, from government loans to refinancing student loans. If you want to find out some good student loan refinancing and cosigning options, you can visit Stilt.com.

• See how activities, for example, making additional installments or getting on an income-driven payment structure will make an impact on your student loan.


Imagine a scenario where you could set aside your change and apply it to your understudy debts. That’s what this ChangEd application does. It is an iOS mobile application.

Key Features

• The ChangEd application synchronizes with your financial balances and examines your ways of managing money.

• It catches little amounts of "change" you won't miss and stores them in an FDIC-bank balance.

• Every time the saved change hits $100, ChangEd sends an additional $100 understudy loan installment to your servicer.

This application isn't allowed to use free of cost. In any case, its $1 month to month membership charge is unquestionably reasonable.


Among the debt management apps, one of my most loved applications is Unbury.me.

It is a very user-friendly application that gives you a chance to play with different loaner-payment techniques. Clear graphs and analysis make it straightforward to evaluate the advantages of every option.

Key Features

• It's allowed to use free of cost and doesn't require a login.

• Returning clients can agree to accept a login to track their progressing debt payments. You can make a record with your Facebook or email accounts.

• Enter debts and change settings to investigate installment designs that follow the debt snowball technique. This will produce distinctive charts that represent your debts after some time.

• Get debt result projections, for example, the total interest paid or the final pay off date.

Debt Payoff Assistant

The Debt Payoff Assistant application is a free iOS application.

It's a very direct method to design your loan repayment and keep track of your progress. This app is similar to Unbury.me but the best thing is that you can use it on your phone while Unbury.me has an in-browser version.

Key Features

• Enter your debts including balances, minimum installments, and loan costs. • Try diverse installment designs like handling the highest interest rates first.

• See how much your extra monthly installment would fasten your debt payoffs – and save you interest on it.

• View data regarding your debt, including past installments.

• Use calculators for monthly payments and set the application to help you to remember approaching debt due dates.

Author Bio:

Taylor Hill works for a financial technology company Stilt located in San Francisco which is revolutionizing the way individuals with limited or zero credit history get loans in the U.S. 

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