All You Should Know About Deep Web

Deep Web vs Dark Web

All You Should Know About Deep Web 

A few years back, the netizens were unaware of the terms such as proxy, VPN, Tor or anonymous browsing. However, we are becoming more curious to know about these terms which probably relates to the deep web.

The other side of the internet or the place on the internet with the deepest information is the deep web. More broadly, it is that part of the internet that lies beneath the surface web. Most of us think that the Deep Web and Dark Web have the same meaning; however, they vary.

What Is Deep Web?

Deep Web is that part on the web whose contents are not indexed by standard web search engines. Thus, Deep Web or Hidden Web is the content of the internet that cannot be indexed by any regular browsers such as Google or Bing.

You would be stunned to know that the Deep web websites comprise 96% of the internet. This means that Google or other search indexes merely index 4% of the content on the Internet. Isn’t that Interesting?

Deep Web vs Dark Web: Let’s Clean Up the Confusion

Probably, Dark web and Deep web are that part of the internet that lies below the surface web, but they vary in their meaning. Dark Web can be called as the part of the Deep web.

Deep Web is something that you are surfing daily such as your online banking transactions or services that require transactions and a paywall protects it all. Also, it contains a certain video on demand and even your Gmail inbox, Facebook Messenger’s thread or Twitter’s Direct message. These things remain un-indexed by Google.

However, the dark web, on the other hand, is that part of the internet that is buried below the Deep web in the ocean of the internet. You cannot access the dark web with a regular browser. It is filled with the scads of anonymous darknet markets websites that deal in illegal activities such as drugs, pornography or armory.

How to Access the Deep Web?

Deep Web is mostly concerned with the password-protected no permanent URLs or direct inbox. Google doesn’t crawl or index these sub-domains. Getting access to the deep web is not as hard as it sounds, but below this, the Dark Web is inaccessible by your regular web browser.

If you want to access the Deep web for your search, you can use:

• Website’s dedicated search engine: Use the search box engine for the website you are using such as Facebook search bar or University search toolbar. 

• Use DuckDuck Go: DuckDuckGo is a private search toolbar that gives you the result indexing the surface web as well as the deep web. You may find the Deep web results in the final search results page. 

• Install Tor: However, it is more often used for accessing the dark web which is the part of the deep web, you can install the Tor and type in the URL to get access to these sites.

Conclusion: Deep Web Is Not Always Bad

To conclude, I would say that the Deep web is not always bad and we verily need some part of it. Though the dark web sounds illegal, Tor only gives access to the sites which are legal to use but banned by the government agencies. If you have something to share about the Deep web, share it with us in the comments.  

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