Seven Water Sports You Can Enjoy In Phuket

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A trip to an Island is nothing more than a dream coming true for all the water lovers. Phuket Island has this breathtaking beauty surrounded by a warm Tropical Ocean. People are passionate about traveling and exploring new adventures for themselves, Phuket Island is the best choice for them to come and enjoy the most exciting water sports.

The list of seven water sports is given below which will inspire all the water babies to come to Phuket Island:


Are you enthusiastic about exploring the underwater world? If yes then Phuket Island is the ideal place for snorkeling in the calm and crystal clear water and experiencing the most colorful and dazzling marine life surrounded by coral reefs. Snorkeling training requires less time and effort as compared to other water sports. For a carefree adventure of exploring the underwater world, November to April is the perfect time because in other months of the year it can prove dangerous for this sport due to some changes in the swiftness of ocean waves. However, Kata Noi and Laem Singh Beach, Paradise Beach is the most recommended spots for snorkeling to elation the startling view of underwater life.


Surfing is a favorite sport among the thrill-seekers; Phuket Island is suitable for enjoying the swift warm wind while riding the west-coast sea. This sport is less expensive now due to a continuous increase in demand for the surfing boards. Wind directions matter a lot for surfing and west coast seas are highly recommended as the wind blowing from east to west in April provides the ultimate thrill for surfing in Phuket Island. The surfer should be an expert in swimming for this water sport.


It might sound quite ordinary to recommend swimming but do you think it won't be that mainstream thing to do in Phuket, as Phuket Island has a lot to offer for enjoying swimming with fabulous beaches and crystal clear water. Patong Beach, Rawai Beach, Nai Yang Beach these spots are best for experiencing swimming in a most outrageous manner.


Wakeboarding in Phuket can take you away from the hustle and bustle of Island into a world of excitement and swiftness. Before doing wakeboarding, the person should be trained appropriately because it does require specific skill sets. Wakeboarding parks are the best place for getting training before stepping into the sea. Luckily wakeboarding is safe to do all over the year.

Scuba Diving:

Phuket Island has underwater heaven, and it is famous all over the world for its vibrant, colorful coral reefs and amazing rare species' of marine animals. Scuba diving makes go deep into the ocean to closely obverse the beauty of marine life existing right under our nose, but not everyone has seen it yet. December to April we recommended for unforgettable scuba diving experience.

Banana Boat:

People who are not open to the idea of experiencing extreme water sports, Banana boat is the one for them it is best for friends and families to have some amusement and excitement in the water without experiencing an adrenaline rush in their bodies. A banana boat ride is amazing to try out from September to April.


Kayaking is a water sport that is sometimes offered for free for two hours or at some spots at less expensive rates. Kayaking is a water sport that helps you explore the remarkable views of the ocean and Island while paddling your way into the vast deep ocean of Phuket. This sport is good to try all over the year but the best time is from November to April. Kayaking doesn't only involve the view of the sea all alone, but it also includes the fascinating Limestone cliffs, lush green jungles, convoluted sea caves, and beautiful countryside.

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