Anger-A Curious Human behaviour!

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Some people get angry very soon and some not, some does not get very angry soon they also get calm very soon. So what we conclude from this is that something, somewhere in the brain is working.
Anger-A Curious Human behaviour!

-Ayush Kumar Mittal 

Anger as the word suggests something furious, annoying or evil. Today we shall make a try to go in-depth of this phenomenon.

How do we get angry? There are many ways. We get angry if someone doesn’t listen to us, means go in opposite direction stands in opposition to our brain. Anger has been in existence since the earliest days of us.

Some old myths are there about anger is that anger is a state in which the evil power occupy our brain powers. Our thinking ability is restricted. This is totally wrong if we try to analyze the phenomenon with our open minds and just not by following the downtrodden myths of history WE GET A VERY INTRESTING definition of anger.

Some people get angry very soon and some not, some does not get very angry soon they also get calm very soon. So what we conclude from this is that something somewhere in the brain is working.

Have we ever analyzed that when we are angry the work can be made done by some other person very easily? Why? This happens so. In some cases, this totally abrupt your work.

Now let's get deeper in this when we are angry we are only calmed by beating someone or thrashing someone or to speak loudly. We all know that in this process a lot of energy is required for the work.

For instance take a gangster who his angry from his man, who had betrayed him, the gangster in anger thrashes him badly and in end, he took out his pistol and shot him down. why he did this? 

All will say that in anger he did this, now from this instance the definition of anger is somewhat cleared. He got angry and in that instance, the anger hormone rushes into the blood and in that account, he just takes the final decision to kill the man. 

After doing this he his very calm and now he is not much angry. To most of the people, this is a scene of the movie. But if we analyze this in another manner we got a lot of research work to do.

The gangster has done a work in which a massive amount of energy is required. Now, this massive energy is pumped into his muscles by the brain at that instant only when he came to know that his man has betrayed him. 

Means a large amount of energy was accumulated in its muscles, Gangster got rid of this energy by using it to kill the man. So what the final result we came to is that anger is nothing but an accumulation of a higher amount of energy in the muscles.
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