Science Fiction Story: Matter of Pride

Children's Science Fiction: Matter of Pride

by Zakir Ali Rajnish

As soon as Chintoo saw the newspaper, he got the shock of his life. On the front page, was the news of the death of Colonel Aman, his father. He had died fighting for his country.

According to the news, there was a great explosion the previous day at the terrorist training camp across the border.

The explosion was so destructive that it had killed all the men present there as well as destroyed their arms and ammunition.

Two hours after the explosion, Colonel Aman was found in a sorry state near the border. The body was badly burnt. He was rushed to the military hospital, but the died on the way.

The reason of Colonel Aman death were the injuries sustained in the operation against the terrorists. He had destroyed the hideout of the terrorists without caring for his own life.

After reading the whole news, Chintoo’s eyes were wet. Even though his gather had sacrificed himself for his country, he would still miss his affection.

‘But this news should be a secret. How did it get leaked?’ the question suddenly rose in his mind. But then his mind went back to thinking about his loss.

Chintoo was very close to his father. Chintoo’s mother and sister were still sleeping.

‘How would they deal with this blow? How would mummy react to this tragedy? And Chooti, she would lift up the sky with her crying.’

He could not dare to wake them up and give them the news.

Chintoo suddenly remembered the last holiday, when his father was with them, a month ago.

He had felt that his father was not giving him enough time. He didn’t talk much to him. He would keep himself busy in his room working on something.

One day, Chintoo came back earlier than usual from the school. His mother had gone out for shopping.

His father had locked himself in hi room. ‘What does he do all day?’

Chintoo wondered. He decided to spy on him. Chintoo kept his school bag and tiptoed to his father’s room.

The door was closed from inside. But there was a hole near the bottom of the door. Chintoo peeped into the room through it.

Chintoo saw his father sitting on a chair. He was holding a mouse in his hand and was applying something of white colour on it.

He was smiling mildly. Chintoo felt like laughing at this sight. That work was not so important that his father was not getting the time to talk to his son.

He felt a little angry at his father. He remained silent and kept on observing at his father’s activities. Suddenly, Chintoo saw a strange sight, The rat, his father was holding, disappeared completely.

Chintoo was surprised to see this. ‘What happened to the mouse? Where did it disappear?’ thought Chintoo.

Chintoo stretched his legs as they were going numb. Moreover, he wanted to get a better view of the room.

But in trying to do so, he lost his balance and fell down with a thud. When Chintoo’s father heard the noise, he opened the door.

When he saw Chintoo on the ground, he understood the whole matter. plan of the terrorists and…’

Even though he was feeling very angry at Chintoo, he said in a gentle voice. “What are you doing here, Chintoo?”

Chintoo was tongue-tied, “Dad, …I ..I was...” he stammered.

“No ….that mouse.,” Chintoo again stammered.

Now he would surely get a scolding, he feared. But surprisingly, his father did not scold him.

Instead he smiled and took him inside his room. Everything was disorganized in the room.

Chintoo’s father sat down on a sofa. Than he said to Chintoo, “It is not good to spy on someone.”

“I am sorry, papa. I would repeat this mistake again. But please tell me, how did the mouse disappear?” asked Chintoo.

Now he had become bold at his father’s gentle treatment towards him.

“Promise that you would not tell this to anyone?” his father laid the condition.

“I promise, papa,” Chintoo replied with innocence, “Do you know why a thing appears?” his father asked and thereafter, replied too himself, “It appears when light bounces off an object and reaches our eyes. If light could pass through an object we would be unable to see it. It becomes invisible.”

“It means that will disappear,” Chintoo’s mouth opened with astonishment.

“Yes, that is how the mouse got disappeared. I applied a cream on its body due to which it had become invisible,” his father said.

“You have made a wonderful thing. Now I can become invisible and frighten mummy,” said Chintoo.

“No son, remember, you have promised that you would not disclose this secret to anyone,” his father reminded him.

“No son, remember, you have promised that you would not disclose this secret to anyone,” his father reminded him. “I have made it for some special purpose.”

“Special purpose? Have you made the cream to use it against the enemies?” asked Chintoo.

“Yes son, you have become very wise. Now go and do your work,” said Chintoo’s father.

“But father, I want to apply the cream just for once. I promise that I would not go anywhere,” Chintoo almost begged out of patience.

“No, you should not even think of it,” replied Chintoo’s Father. His voice grew hard.

“But why papa?” asked Chintoo.

“Because it is very poisonous, anyone who uses it even once would have skin burnt. He may even die,” said Colonel Aman.

“Then it is very harmful. You should throw it away,” Chintoo said with fear.

“No son, I have to fulfill a mission. This is the product of years of hard work. I have to use it against the enemies of mankind,” said the colonel selflessly with a clear ambition in his voice.

“And those who are brave are not afraid of dying for their country,” his father tried to make him understand the importance of something above materialism.

Chintoo’s eyes opened up.

‘You were right, dad. It as a matter of pride to sacrifice for your country,’ thought Chintoo.

Chintoo’s face glowed with pride. ‘If my dad could sacrifice himself for the country, at least I can bear the pain of separation,’ he though and his tears dissolved in the glow of his face.
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