Science Fiction Story: The Flying Man

Children's Science Fiction: The Flying Man

by Zakir Ali Rajnish

It was five in the evening. Our bus had reached Nainital on a college trip. After six hour of tiring journey, our bodies were aching badly.

After taking some snacks, I said to the students, “Now all of you go to your rooms and take some rest.”

At this, the students started murmuring. I knew what they wanted, nevertheless I asked them, “What happened? Why are you not going to your respective rooms?”

“Sir, we all want to see that man, who can fly,” said one of the students.

“Yes sir, the flying man,” said the few other students.

And then all of them started insisting, “Yes, the flying man.” At this, my colleagues got angry with the students.

Verma sir got very much annoyed. He said to them, “This is not the right time to go to meet him.”

At this, all of them became quiet. To be honest, I had also become anxious to see the flying man.

Moreover, the main motive of the college trip was to see the the flying man only. If we had not read the news of the the flying man in the newspaper, our college trip would not have got arranged.

“Vermaji, don’t you want to see the flying man?” I muffled him.

He was surprised to hear me. “Oh, you also sound like these youngsters. We have covered such a long journey and you….”

“We are still young, Vermaji. Why would we feel tired?” said Sahay sir. “Come, let’s go. I am ready.”

All the teachers got ready. There was some magic in that flying man that was attracting every man.

Actually, four days ago, there was a news published in a local newspaper which was about a flying man. 

After reading that news, curiosity rose in us to see that man. The next day, all the teachers started arranging for the trip to Nainital and see that man. 

Now according to our program, we were going to see ‘the flying man’ or ‘superman’.

We took a guide and reached the place where the flying man was seen. We saw a big crowd was gathered around a rock. 

We looked here and there but could not see the flying man. We also went near to the crowd.

In the middle of the crowd, a man was lying down on the ground. He was wearing dirty clothes and was bleeding from many places, As soon as I saw his face, I shouted, “Karan?”

“Do you know him?” asked a man who was standing next to me. I nodded an affirmation.

Karan and I were in the same class together. He had a liking for Applied Physics. He had a big dream-to fly in the air without any parachute or glider.

Once, we were sitting on the terrace of the college. Just then, an aeroplane passed by. Seeing that, Karan said to me, “Ajay, can’t we apply the principle of the aeroplane on us?” 

Hearing this, I laughed out loudly. All the boys of the class were aware of his wish. For this reason, he was called as ‘Superman’ in the college.

Karan spent all the three years of his graduation in applying the principle of the aeroplane on himself. Because of this, his aggregate percentage in graduation dropped down. 

Looking at his marksheet, I said to him, “See Karan, Your principle of aeroplane proved so much beneficial for you!” 

I had kidded him, but he took it seriously. He became very sad. After some moments, he said, “Ajay, I don’t know when we will be able to meet after today. 

But I promise you that when we will meet the next time, I would have definitely made my wish come true.” “And if you couldn’t keep your promise...” 

I asked in a light mood. “Then you can slap me as many times as you wish. I will think that it was just my overconfidence,” said Karan.

I again laughed at him and said, “If I loose, you can also slap me. Still I want you should win so that I could have a free air trip.” 

I bade him goodbye and we moved towards our respective paths. “What happened, Ajay?” asked Sahay sir. On opening my eyes, I saw that Vermaji was asking somebody, “What has happened to him?” 

“All this happened because of me,” said a news reporter standing there. “I had come to take his interview. But before taking interview, I wanted to see him flying so that I can take some of his pictures. 

However, he was not well at that time, but he got ready. He said that he wanted to call one of his friends, whom he wanted to show that the principle of aeroplane can be applied to humans.” 

After that, he wore a device around his neck and climbed up to hill,” continued the reporter. “He turned his hands in a special way and jumped. It was amazing! He was flying in the air. I took hold of my camera and moved forward to shoot him. But just then, a strong wind came and within moments, there was dust everywhere. When the dust got cleared, I saw…”

Hearing the reporter, I thought, that was the murderer of Karan. If he had not asked to fly, then my beloved friend…
I don’t know what happened to me. I suddenly attacked the reporter. He was not ready. Soon, his notebook, camera and other things scattered here and there. He fled away from there.

Suddenly, I felt as if Karan was talking to me, “Look Ajay, didn’t I tell you that I will make my wish come true. Do you remember your promise?”

I was feeling very depressed. I hugged him. His body was getting colder. I was crying like a lunatic. I took his hands and slapped myself. 

My heart was saying, “Karan, you won, you won. You were determined to make your dream come true. I am proud of you. But you took a long time in coming in front of me. I can’t forgive myself.

All my colleagues were surprised. There were many questions in their eyes. They were worried about the device, which Karan was wearing around his neck, I was very sad that my best friend had gone very far from me.
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