Science Fiction Story: Defeating The Death

Children's Science Fiction: Defeating The Death

by Zakir Ali Rajnish

Vijay was very happy. He was carrying a shield in his hand. He had just won the jammu skiing championship, and his heart was filled with happiness. he was going towards the taxi stand humming a true to himself.

The weather was very bad that day. Last night, there was a heavy snowfall, and the ground was covered with snow.

For this reason, he had to walk carefully. The slightest carelessness could lead him to fall from the precipice. 

Suddenly, Vijay heard some sounds. He was surprised as that was a fairly deserted spot. He looked around within it. He could not control his curiosity and went nearer to it. 

“We have planted the bomb in the control room of the hospital on the highway. If the government does not listen to our demand…”

Vijay was shaken. ‘These people are terrorist,’ thought Vijay. ‘If they succeed… I must do something.’

Vijay started inching away from the door, but suddenly he slipped and fell down.

Hearing the sound, the people inside the hunt quickly came out. They saw Vijay lying on the ground. It didn’t take them a moment to understand the matter.

The place was covered with snow, that was why Vijay did not get hurt badly. He picked himself up and looked around.

He had lost his shield but it did not matter to him. It was more important for him to save the life of the patients of the hospital. Just then, he saw the terrorists coming towards him.

He started running very fast. He was looking for a telephone booth, so that he could inform the police.

Suddenly, Vijay’s eyes fell upon a telephone booth. The terrorists who were following him had come very near. 

But without caring for his life, he moved towards the phone booth hiding himself behind the trees. 

He succeeded in reaching the telephone booth. Luckily, he was able to get across to the police station in the first try itself.

Somebody by the name of Inspector Zahid picked up the receiver.

“Hello, police station? My name is Vijay. I am phoning from a telephone booth. Some terrorists are after me because I have heard what they were talking about. They have planted a bomb in a hospital…,” said Vijay.

“What! In which hospital have they fitted the bomb?” the inspector asked shockingly.

But before Vijay could reply, there was a huge explosion outside the telephone booth.

The pole outside carrying telephone wires broke and fell down. The slope beside the booth also broke down and crashed on the top of the booth.

The small wooden booth could not bear the weight of so much stones and collapsed burying Vijay in the rubble.

The terrorists who saw all this were very pleased. They went back after making sure that Vijay was buried in the heap of stones.

On hearing the sound of the explosion, Inspector Zahid’s heart went numb. Even though such explosions were common in Kashmir, he felt as if his own son was on the other side of the line. ‘He wanted to reveal some plan of the terrorists and…’

‘No, I will not let them succeed,’ he told himself, and set out with his force.

Luckily, he reached the right spot. Immediately, he dad the rubble at the telephone booth site removed.

The unconscious body of Vijay was recovered. His body had become cold and lifeless. 

He was holding the telephone receiver in one hand and his mouth was still open as if he wanted to say something.

There were no injuries on the body, but it seemed that the boy had died of shock.

Even though there seemed no chance of his being alive, Inspector Zahid took him to the medical college.

The head of the surgery department of the medical college, Dr. Wajahat was surprised to see the body. “This is Vijay, the son of my friend Amit. What has happened to him?”

The doctor checked his pulse and again got a shock, “There is no pulse. He is dead!” he said.

“What! But doctor, you must try to make him conscious. He knows something that can save the lives of hundreds of people,” the inspector requested willingly.

Suddenly, as if he had remembered something, the doctor said, “Perhaps something can still be done. But let’s call Amit first. He is the principal of the inter college.”

The inspector immediately informed Mr. Amit. Distraught with grief Mr.Amit rushed to the hospital, He had sent his son to the skiing competition and now he was looking at his dead body.

“Be brave, my friend,” Dr. Wajahat said to Mr. Amit, trying to console him. “There is something that we can do. We can try bringing Vijay back to life through the process of freezing.” 

“Is it possible doctor? Can my son come back to life?” a ray of hope lit the face of Mr. Amit.

“Perhaps! The chance are very low, but we should never give up. But for that I need your permission. Can I perform the surgery?” asked Dr Wajahat.

“Yes, sure, do anything to bring my son back to life.”

“The process is the invention of an American scientist, Robert C.W. Antiger. In his opinion, a person who has not died naturally, and has also not suffered any injury, has chance of revival, if this process can be implemented right after death,” the doctor explained.

Accordingly, the doctor placed Vijay’s body on a ice slab and drained his body of natural blood, filling it with a special cold-resistant blood. After that, the whole body of Vijay was covered with ice slabs.

After about half an hour, Dr. Wajahat removed the ice slabs. Then Vijay was infused with the natural blood.

After that, Vijay’s body was taken in a room that was fitted with heaters. His lungs were supplied with oxygen. The heaters were put on to supply his body with heat. In about two hours, Dr Wajahat came out of the room. He, Inspector Zahid and Mr. Amit waited anxiously outside the room in which Vijay was kept. The doctor was worrying if Vijay did not recover soon, the experiment would be a failure. An hour passed away. 

Suddenly, they heard a noise from the room as if someone was murmuring. They quickly went inside. Vijay opened his eyes at the same moment. 

The doctor had achieved a miracle. Mr. Amit thanked the doctor, “Wajahat, I will never forget this favour.”

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